Do tours come with protective gear?

Tigit tours include rental protective gear; helmets, elbow and knee pads, and boots.

If you choose not to wear the protective gear available, you accept the risk of injury. 

If you choose to wear your own gear, you must be sure of its safety standards and durability. Tigit tours can enter rough conditions and terrain, you must make sure your gear can survive! There are no Chrunix stores in the jungle (yet). 

Tigit does not rent gloves but sells them. Prices start from $7usd.

A hydro-pack (camel pack) is considered a necessity for all riders. If you do not bring a hydro-pack, you must buy one from the Chrunix store. Chrunix hydro-packs range from $15usd to $50usd.
For multi-day tours, or tours with more than one person, we will provide new hydro-packs for free, it is yours to keep!

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