Honda Blade 110cc

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The Blade is the most common motorbike in Vietnam

The Honda semi-automatic is the most common motorbike type in Vietnam. Cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, and cheap to run with excellent gas efficiency. Drive-up the mountains into remote terrain, and Honda semi-automatics will be seen everywhere. Indestructible machines that can handle anything thrown at them.

The Blade never breaks down

Tigit’s warranty against breakdowns combined with only one oil change every 1000km means the Honda Blade should work out similar or on many occasions cheaper than trying to buy and sell a cheap backpacker motorbike! These are real Honda motorcycles, not Chinese copies that are found in the backpacker area.

The Blade has plenty of power

honda blade tour escape hcm

The Blade has enough power to carry two people and luggage across Vietnam without skipping a beat. Tigit offers more exciting motorbikes, but there is no need to get anything bigger or more powerful than these reliable and affordable machines.

The Honda Blade is easy to drive

Learning the basics of simple gear changes can be taught within 5 minutes. Please watch this video for more information on how to drive a semi-automatic.

The Honda Blade 110cc Rack

The pictures in the gallery are with an Enduristan 82L bag. The Blade comes equipped with an extended Givi Rack with a specification of 7KG maximum. They often break at the connection point under the seat (shown in the pictures). It is easy to weld these on route for around 2.5usd. It is essential to mount the bag as far forward as possible using the seat for support.  The Blade can handle two people and luggage across any road in Vietnam. However, it is perhaps not the best motorbike for the job. Bags are best mounted horizontally not length ways, keeping the bag as far forward as possible. 

Honda Blade 110cc's photos

Gears4 Gears
Engine Size110 cc
Seat Height769 mm
Weight98 KG
Horse Power9 HP
Tank Size3.7 Litres

Honda Blade 110cc's photos

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Honda Blade 110cc

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687 Replies to “Honda Blade 110cc”

  1. Hello! Quick questions about Honda Blade you are offering – let’s assume we want to travel as two people on one bike (without luggage) – what’s the maximum weight for it? Is 165kg fine?

    Thank You!

    1. It can carry two people and luggage.
      In terms of power, it can do anything. The limitation is the strength of the racks.

    1. You can book all the extras through the booking platform. But no, the bag transport is not included.

  2. Hi,

    I’m interested in renting a bike to go from hanoi to ho chi minh city. Therefore I have some questions :
    – We plan to be 2 person on the honda blade with one bag. Is the bike powerfull enought and large enought to handle it ?
    – We are travelling with 2 bags, is it possible to send one to your office in Saigon when we’ll start the trip so that we only carry one ?
    – The price of the booking is the same for one or 2 persons on the bike ?
    – Last but not least, our travel inssurance contract doesn’t cover us when riding bike. Does the rent include any inssurance that would provide for helath care in case we have an accident ?

    Thanks for you help !

    1. 1. Powerful enough yes, limited rack strength and space is the issue.
      2. Yes this is possible
      3. Yes same price
      4. The rent does not have any insurance.

  3. Hi team Tigit,

    i would like to reserve 2-3 Honda Blade 110cc from 23 of January (Da Nang) to the 9th of February (Hanoi).
    And until which is it possible to cancel because of COV-19?


    1. We don’t charge deposits. But just ask people let us know when they find out a holiday is cancelled.