Honda Blade 110cc

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The Blade is the most common motorbike in Vietnam

The Honda semi-automatic is the most common motorbike type in Vietnam. Cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, and cheap to run with excellent gas efficiency. Drive-up the mountains into remote terrain, and Honda semi-automatics will be seen everywhere. Indestructible machines that can handle anything thrown at them.

The Blade never breaks down

Tigit’s warranty against breakdowns combined with only one oil change every 1000km means the Honda Blade should work out similar or on many occasions cheaper than trying to buy and sell a cheap backpacker motorbike! These are real Honda motorcycles, not Chinese copies that are found in the backpacker area.

The Blade has plenty of power

honda blade tour escape hcm

The Blade has enough power to carry two people and luggage across Vietnam without skipping a beat. Tigit offers more exciting motorbikes, but there is no need to get anything bigger or more powerful than these reliable and affordable machines.

The Honda Blade is easy to drive

Learning the basics of simple gear changes can be taught within 5 minutes. Please watch this video for more information on how to drive a semi-automatic.

The Honda Blade 110cc Rack

The pictures in the gallery are with an Enduristan 82L bag. The Blade comes equipped with an extended Givi Rack with a specification of 7KG maximum. They often break at the connection point under the seat (shown in the pictures). It is easy to weld these on route for around 2.5usd. It is essential to mount the bag as far forward as possible using the seat for support.  The Blade can handle two people and luggage across any road in Vietnam. However, it is perhaps not the best motorbike for the job. Bags are best mounted horizontally not length ways, keeping the bag as far forward as possible. 

Honda Blade 110cc's photos

Gears4 Gears
Engine Size110 cc
Seat Height769 mm
Weight98 KG
Horse Power9 HP
Tank Size3.7 Litres

Honda Blade 110cc's photos

Tigit "Smart" technology to predict future stock.

Honda Blade 110cc

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687 Replies to “Honda Blade 110cc”

  1. Hi. I have booked flights to arrive HCMC on 17 December and want to hire/buy back motorbike under 125cc from 21st December and return at Hanoi on 8th December as I return back to UK on 10th January. I will take out travel insurance that covers motorbike accidents and will obtain IDP.
    I live in Scotland, am 61 years old..but a young 61!!
    Any advice from you is very very welcome. Very much looking forward
    Thank you meantime.
    Adam Winski

    1. Thanks for showing an interest.
      I assume returning bike on 8th Jan not December?

      Blade 110cc is under your 125 bracket 🙂 Check carefully with the insurance.

      No worries. Vietnam is no problem for a young 61 year old. The weather might be too hot for a scot though. Bring Suncream.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.
      Email sent with further information.

  2. Looking to bike from Hanoi to Nha Trang in March next year for roughly 3-4weeks, looking at the Honda blade, just wanting to know about the buyback policy and what it means.

    1. We are a rental company.
      Can leave a passport.
      Or we have a buy and buyback as people like to travel with a passport.

      We have a purchase value (where you buy the bike) and a guaranteed and set buyback. This works the same as a rental.
      Buy for $1000, buyback $800 = $200 “rent” + the various transport costs depending where you are starting and finishing.
      Hope that answers your question.

  3. I’m looking to travel for 4 weeks doing the south to north or the north to south route. I would prefer a full automatic so not worry about shifting at all. Is it possible for one way trip and how much?

    1. Hi
      Will send you an email with more information.
      Yes it is possible to do a one way trip. On the standard bikes like the Honda Blade and Suzuki Hayate the total rent works out to be $240.

      We always recommend the Honda Blade, but if you really do not want gears then the Suzuki Hayate is the next best choice!

  4. Hi, we’ll be traveling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh from 26th Sep till 11th Oct and we would like to rent a decent bike that would carry me and my girl. Can we book it thru your webside? thanks

    1. Hi
      We do bookings through emails as there is additional information we provide. Will contact you separately via email.
      Thanks for showing an interest.

  5. Hello,
    I’ll be in HCMC from the 7th september and am looking to get a honda blade for about 4 weeks. Do you have one available around this date?
    Thanks & regards,

    1. Hi
      In Ho Chi Minh we have lots of Blades at the moment. The labels in the top right “our stock” are up to date.
      Usually best to contact us on facebook chat.