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It is still possible to travel Vietnam by motorbike and Tigit is open as normal. For a full article explaining please read our Corona Virus post. We are currently cancelling bookings without charging, we encourage clients to re-book with us again! Good luck to everyone during this difficult time.


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Optional Damage Waiver

The Tigit Damage Waiver removes all responsibility of the customer from damages to the rental motorbike. Tigit will pay all damages that occur to the bike during the rental duration.

The Tigit Damage Waiver covers all damages to the Motorbike in the result of a crash.
1. Go to a mechanic shop.

2. Call Tigit Support for translation.

3. Keep the receipt. This will be refunded upon return of the motorbike.

Note: To use the Tigit Damage Waiver please inform us of any damages to the motorbike in advance to [email protected] (include as many pictures as possible).
We don’t mind clients crashing our motorbikes, but giving us time to order parts in vitally important for our logistics. The damage Waiver will be void if the client fails to notify us of part damage before return.


  • For Per Day Rentals, the customer must select to upgrade all days of their motorbike rental, this includes returning late or extensions.
  • For Long Distance Travel Packets, returning the motorbike late without damage waiver extension will void any damage cover.
  • The Damage Waiver is non-refundable.

Damage Waiver does not cover:

3rd party damages

personal injury


loss of bluecard

damages through flooding, fire damage, vandalism

transport of motorbike to a Tigit office

flat tires and oil change

 Luggage racks

Damages caused caused by animals such as monkeys.

Destroying the motorbike:

Providing the motorbike is returned to Tigit we will honor the damage waiver. If the bike is lost / not returned the motorbike is considered “stolen” and the client owes the value of the stolen motorbike.

Waiver for

Long Distance Travel packets

(per bike)

Waiver for

Per Day Rentals

(per bike per day)

Honda XR/CRF 150
Honda CRF 250
Himalayan 400
+$50 for first month

+$30 for second month

+$20 for each extra month

Honda CB 500x
+$70 for first month

+$60 for second month

+$50 for each extra month

Honda Winner
Yamaha Exciter
Suzuki Raider
+$40 for first month

+$30 for second month

+$20 for each extra month

Honda Blade +$30 for first month

+$20 for second month

+$10 for each extra month


To rent a motorbike from Tigit, please see our rental motorbikes.

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