Honda XR 150cc

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The XR is the most comfortable 150cc motorbike


The Honda XR 150cc is a dual-sport designed to be both on the road and off the road! Within the 150cc category, it is the most comfortable motorbike for one or two riders. It is small compared to the western world of motorbikes. However, this dual-sport motorbike is a big vehicle for Vietnam, and it will attract attention from the locals. 

Adventure driving on the Honda XR 150


Vietnam is mostly tarmac roads, but often at times the terrain can turn into gravel and mud tracks. The XR is light enough to tackle any terrain, and there is no situation where you would be caught off guard.

The Honda XR is unsupported by Honda

The XR 150cc falls into the range of “unsupported” motorbikes within Vietnamese mechanics. This means that Honda does not officially service the motorbike or stock the parts. Tigit has these motorbikes on a mass scale, and we have the parts. However, on occasion, we may need to send a part to your location. Simple things like inner-tubes are not stocked throughout Vietnamese mechanics, which means drivers must add them to their luggage load.

Adventure seekers vs New drivers on the Honda XR

Without the babysitting of Honda Service centers at Tigits/Clients disposal, small problems can lead to big problems with inexperienced riders. Overall this is an incredibly reliable and easy motorbike to operate. However, it does not have the same ease of use as the locally supported motorbikes such as the Honda Winner 150cc.

Tires Tigit uses on the Honda XR

Back tire that Tigit mostly uses

The Honda XR 150L is equipped with dual-sport tires. We consider them 80% road with 20% offroad.

The Honda XR 150cc Rack

The Honda XR rack can support an 82L Enduristan bag without the extension rack. The extension rack is strapped down with bungees and adds an additional platform. Bags can be mounted sideways or lengthways. Overall for the size of the motorbike, there is a huge amount of space for luggage.

Honda XR 150cc's photos

Gears5 Gears
Engine Size150 cc
Seat Height825 mm
Weight130 KG
Horse Power12.4 HP
Tank Size12 Litres

Honda XR 150cc's photos

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Honda XR 150cc

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492 Replies to “Honda XR 150cc”

  1. hello I would like to buy xr 150 Honda
    does all the paper work including rego and ownership papers
    would they be in my name only.
    I would like to take my time so I would need it for 2 3 months.
    middle nov 2017 and your possible buy back price.
    thanks peter david.

    1. Hi
      To outright buy a Honda XR we sell at
      $2000 around 30,000km
      $3000 new

      We do not change the name on the ownership papers for either scenario. The process is too time consuming and we don’t think it is worth getting bogged down in it.
      With an outright purchace, we do not offer a buyback.

      Our normal rental system works as follows.

      $2000 deposit
      $450 rent within 35 days
      $150 each additional month.


  2. Hi,
    want to do a trip from HCM to Danang starting at 20th this month in HCM. You think the Honda XR would be a good option though I’m not a very experienced driver? Would consider myself learning fast and have experience in driving small automatic motorbikes sometimes. And also would a motorbike even be available on this short notice?

    1. The XR is easy to drive. A gentle giant in many ways.
      It is quite a big big, and new drivers tend to drop it a lot. It is also the most expensive bike to fix in a crash 🙂

      So providing you are careful, then yes it is fine to start on.

      We have a customer due to return in Danang on the 18th, so assuming that happens on time then yes we will have one. This is not a guarantee though.

  3. Hi Jon, We will be in Hanoi on the 13th Oct. Looking at renting a Honda XR 150cc for 8 days, could I grab some prices please? TIA

    1. Hi
      Currently we do set packets for up to 35 days.
      Driving all day and everyday is around a 10 day drive. Most travellers take 20-25 days to complete the journey.

      We have this limitation due to the distance covered, and the expenses in transporting motorbikes around.

      For HCM — > Hanoi
      $2000 deposit
      $450 rent

      I would recommend choosing either HCM or Hanoi and doing a loop.
      The price for this would be $20 a day.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  4. Hi,
    Would like to rent a bike from 20th august to 2nd september for a trip from HCM to Hanoi.

    The quote i’ve seen is for 35 days. Would you give a price for those 13 days?

    Thanks and regards

    1. We do packets of 35 days as a minimum.

      Driving HCM to Hanoi usually takes 20-25 days for the average traveler.
      Driving all day every day is a 10 day straight drive.

      For us it is about distance on the motorbike and the time and effort transporting motorbikes around. This is why we do 35 day packets.

      An email has been sent with more information.