Honda XR 150cc

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The XR is the most comfortable 150cc motorbike


The Honda XR 150cc is a dual-sport designed to be both on the road and off the road! Within the 150cc category, it is the most comfortable motorbike for one or two riders. It is small compared to the western world of motorbikes. However, this dual-sport motorbike is a big vehicle for Vietnam, and it will attract attention from the locals. 

Adventure driving on the Honda XR 150


Vietnam is mostly tarmac roads, but often at times the terrain can turn into gravel and mud tracks. The XR is light enough to tackle any terrain, and there is no situation where you would be caught off guard.

The Honda XR is unsupported by Honda

The XR 150cc falls into the range of “unsupported” motorbikes within Vietnamese mechanics. This means that Honda does not officially service the motorbike or stock the parts. Tigit has these motorbikes on a mass scale, and we have the parts. However, on occasion, we may need to send a part to your location. Simple things like inner-tubes are not stocked throughout Vietnamese mechanics, which means drivers must add them to their luggage load.

Adventure seekers vs New drivers on the Honda XR

Without the babysitting of Honda Service centers at Tigits/Clients disposal, small problems can lead to big problems with inexperienced riders. Overall this is an incredibly reliable and easy motorbike to operate. However, it does not have the same ease of use as the locally supported motorbikes such as the Honda Winner 150cc.

Tires Tigit uses on the Honda XR

Back tire that Tigit mostly uses

The Honda XR 150L is equipped with dual-sport tires. We consider them 80% road with 20% offroad.

The Honda XR 150cc Rack

The Honda XR rack can support an 82L Enduristan bag without the extension rack. The extension rack is strapped down with bungees and adds an additional platform. Bags can be mounted sideways or lengthways. Overall for the size of the motorbike, there is a huge amount of space for luggage.

Honda XR 150cc's photos

Gears5 Gears
Engine Size150 cc
Seat Height825 mm
Weight130 KG
Horse Power12.4 HP
Tank Size12 Litres

Honda XR 150cc's photos

Tigit "Smart" technology to predict future stock.

Honda XR 150cc

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492 Replies to “Honda XR 150cc”

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in renting the Honda XR April 28th – May 1st. I have a US passport. Please provide a quote. Thank you.

    1. Assuming HCM — > HCM or
      Hanoi — > Hanoi

      The XR is $1000 deposit and $20 a day.

      If travelling long distances, pickup and return different cities then the quote is different.

      Contacted by email for more information.

  2. Great videos. If I discount the XR due to price and parts availability, which would you recommend for its versatility in going on dirt roads, which I’m likely to want to do often. I intend to use in Laos/Thai /Cambodia as well. Experienced rider. Thx.

    1. There is nothing that comes close to the XR for an all round vehicle. This is why we use it, and all the tour companies use it. It is by far the best motorbike for an all round holiday.

      We deal with a wide variety of interests and customers. My over the top disclaimers and videos are a warning to stop beginner riders pre-booking this motorbike. It is an amazing machine, but not a simple and straight forward motorbike like the local motorbikes that are available.

      For people who know what they are doing. The XR is absolutely fine and unlikely to cause serious problems.

  3. Hello,
    I’ll be looking to rent a motorbike for travel to mountain. From March 31, 2017 to April 8, 2017. Will be available Honda XR? What will the price for it?
    Thank you, for your answer.

    1. Yes available, please see the drop down on the left that display prices.
      An email has been sent with more information.

  4. Hey,
    I’ll be arriving in Hanoi at the 17th and looking to rent a motorbike to travel down to HCM. I don’t really have any experience riding a motorbike, but I’m a quick learner, and not easily startled, is this a terrible idea, or will I be able to learn as I go, granted I take it easy in the beginning?

    And ofcourse, will you have a bike available on the 17th – 20th?

    1. No it is not a terrible idea.
      Though I suggest if you really want to start on a manual, that the Honda Winner is the correct bike of choice. The XR can cause problems when people can’t drive it.

  5. Arriving in HMC on March 11th, will you have an XR available at that time? Or within the following couple of days?


    1. Just in time, we will have one available and an email has been sent with more information.
      The pre-booking time on the XR is around 1 month, although our fleet has nearly doubled in the month of February so I hope this motorbike becomes more readily available.