Vietnam on motorbikes the video

An appropriately simplistic name for the video “Vietnam on motorbikes” by Grant Thomas.

Motorbike of choice is the Chinese Honda Win.

A documentary themed video exploring the journey of three Irish boys on their adventure across Vietnam.

The video kicks off with a scene from the boat tour in Mekong Delta and then after a great introduction and gangsta music the video enters into a breakdown scene in Mui Ne.

In the old days Tigit Motorbikes closely affiliated with a Yamaha mechanic in Mui Ne. Breakdowns upon leaving Ho Chi Minh where so common that we guaranteed to reimburse any breakdowns beyond $15 of repair. We maintain today, that the cause for the Honda Win gear box errors are down to poor driving. The boys in the video seem somewhat perplexed at the situation, but are taking it in their stride as part of the adventure.

The guys document a treacherous looking route to Dalat, scenes of off the road exploring. When travelling Vietnam on motorbikes it is mostly tarmac roads, but off-roading is accessible in most parts of the country.

A crash which we are happy to report everyone made it out alive, but this was one of the more serious incidents that Tigit Motorbikes has had to translate for.

True rainy season weather and some fairly tired looking backpackers on display before embarking on a ride up to Quy Nhon from Nha Trang

On Christmas day a great drive in what looks to be a sunny day, followed by another breakdown with the chain falling off.
Rain, rain and more rain. When a storm hits Vietnam it can obliterate the entire country. Although the scenes may look miserable, all the rivers flood and the waterfalls flow at maximum capacity. Vietnam is beautiful in all conditions!

A beach scene with the sun shining and afternoon drag races and skills demonstrated on the motorbikes.

The road from Khe Sanh to Phong Nha which in the old days Tigit Motorbikes advised customers to leave at 5am. A breakdown on this road can lead to serious troubles and the potential to be stranded out in the countryside. Today, Tigit Motorbikes no longer sells motorbikes that breakdown – so no worries! The Ho Chi Minh road, as can be seen in this video is truly spectacular. To experience this road is one of the greatest things to do when travelling Vietnam on motorbikes.

More chain problems upon leaving Phong and a scene of some mind blowing rain.

Finally the trip ends in Halong Bay in what seems to be nice weather.

Glad that the trip was a success. It looks like harsh conditions hit and some unfortunate events.
We enjoyed the hard reality of the documentary.

Loved the video and thanks for being customers of Tigit Motorbikes!

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