A professionally made video by WorldTraveler.

“The group buys Honda Blade motorcycles from Tigit in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam because they offer brand new motorbikes that are more reliable than the crap Chinese knock off Honda Wins that can be found in Backpacker quarters for sale around the city. (Tigit will buy back the bikes in Hanoi).”

The group decides to use us, Tigit Motorbikes because we were (at the time) offering brand new Honda Blade motorbikes. When we first stumbled across the Honda Blade, the buy and buyback concept exploded and we were buying new motorbikes by the truck load!

The video begins with a great explanation about how useless the Honda Win motorbike is.

Tigit Motorbike Tuyen is seen giving a briefing, which at the time was still operating out of our apartment!

The documentary gives some great comparisons to real world examples as to the distance required to travel across Vietnam by motorbike.
Leaving Ho Chi Minh city through Ha Thu Thiem tunnel and off to Vung Tau.

On route, the motorbike starts making a weird noise and the group discover that oil is leaking from the motorbike. It turned out that the oil screw in the bottom of the motorbike had come loose causing a fairly serious oil leak.
A Honda manufacturing error, or a mistake from a Tigit mechanic – we will never know.

Thankfully the group realizes the problem and replaces the oil. Upon Honda advice that the motorbike was fine, the group continue the rest of the journey to Hanoi without problems! A bit embarrassing for us as a company, but glad it provides an interesting story line to this documentary!

The journey heads up the coast to Mui Ne which is a 10/11 hour journey from Ho Chi Minh. An ending displaying some tired looking travelers who are glad they have made it to the first destination of their Vietnam motorcycle trip.





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