How to put luggage on a motorbike

Tigit explains how to put luggage on the different models within out motorbike rental fleet.

The Honda Blade semi automatic is equipped with a luggage rack which can carry up to 15 KG of luggage.

The Honda Winner comes with side Givi boxes that clip on and off the motorbike.

The Yamaha Exciter is best for one person, Tigit equips the motorbike with a back Givi rack.

The Honda XR 150cc is the most comfortable motorbike for travelling with two people on the motorbike and luggage. A large framed vehicle with soft and bouncy suspension that glides over the Vietnamese roads which often contain many pot holes.

For a further description about luggage please read our racks and luggage page.

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  1. Becky says:

    Hi i just saw that you can send bags from one city to the other? Can i use this service without purchasing a bike? I already have one but am riding with my boyfriend and we have too much luggage. Could we send a bag from saigon to hanoi and have it held for 5 weeks? How much would this cost? Thankyou