How to drive a manual motorbike

This video on how to drive a manual motorbike is demonstrated on the Honda XR 150cc.

Travelers with manual transmission car experience will have no problem adapting to the manual motorbike. Everything learnt with the left foot in a car needs to be changed to the left hand on a motorbike. The key to learning is all in the left hand with clutch control.
Pulling in the clutch disengages the engine and is needed with every gear change. To get the motorbike moving it is important to slowly release the clutch all the way through the left hand and fingertips. With good clutch control and the correct application of gas then the motorbike will begin to roll forward.

For maximum control over the motorbike an understanding of clutch control is needed in gear two to correctly control the speed. Gear one being jumpy and aggressive whilst gear two and beyond require a reasonable speed to maintain.
To master how to drive a manual motorbike, control of the speed through the left hand and clutch is critical. Once clutch control is mastered then the driver will find they can apply power through the gears that can’t be matched by automatics or semi-automatics.

The gears on a manual transmission motorbike go “down to 1”, “up to 2”, “up to 3” and so on.
Neutral sits between gear one and two as a gentle half click.

Confident drivers of manual motorbikes often have picked up bad and aggressive habits from back home. Stamping and kicking the gears seems to be a common trait among experienced riders who are used to big heavy motorbikes. Gently does it, and as a first time rider it is important to realize that treating the motorbike with gentle respect will provide benefits of skill down the line.

Manual motorbikes require the application of the front brake first and back brake second, the opposite to the small scooters. All manual transmission motorbikes provided by TigitMotorbikes will have razor sharp front brakes and first time riders should be respectful of the power a properly maintained braking system can have on a small motorbike. Once mastered, the combination of clutch control speed and razor brakes can provide a huge amount of entertainment and control through mountain roads. Choosing the locally made Yamaha Exciter or Honda Winner provides maximum torque as these motorbikes are optimized for speed and control. They are truly awesome spectacles of power to weight and no drivers will be disappointed!





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