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Our most controversial video to date – the Honda Win

Presenting the truth about the Honda Win and why backpackers should not buy a Honda Win motorbike for travelling Vietnam.

Tigit Motorbikes started as a Honda Win factory, we where the first to do these pieces of garbage on a mass scale.
Two skillful full-time mechanics dedicated to the attempts at making these motorbikes in a respectable enough condition to sell.

The beginnings of the Tigit buyback service. Renovating Honda Win motorbikes and selling them as “Super Wins” at $400 with a buyback of $250.

Honda Super Win

Tigit Super Win

The first company with a Honda Win warranty.

Our efforts were not great though, we had so many breakdowns that Tigit expanded to have a second mechanic shop in Mui Ne which is just a one day drive from our HCM location!
Tigit was the first company in Vietnam to offer a warranty on the Honda Win. If the traveller needs to spend more than $15 after one day of driving then Tigit will fix the excess over and above $15 for free. After the first day of driving Tigit no longer supported your breakdowns. We clearly explained and disclaimed we expected and anticipated travellers to spend between $50-100 on random maintenance. We only felt we had failed the traveller if the bill climbed over this $100 mark.
Read the travel and city rental sections to see the .PDF contracts we currently use, and now compare to a snap from the past for the disclaimer that Tigit had for selling Honda Wins!

Honda Win Factory

The Tigit Honda Win factory

This concept can be seen today by other companies using pit-stop 3rd party mechanics around a 1 days drive from the selling location. This is not displaying much confidence from the sellers!
Style motorbikes is the main contender in the Win market today! Doing a great job and avoiding the abomination of negative reviews from confused and delusional backpackers who think $300 motorbikes are supposed to work.
Look around the streets and see the efforts of local shops trying to escape the Honda Win business by pushing backpackers to proper motorbikes such as the Honda XR.

The Honda Win backpacker market will mature!

Other reputable companies can be seen blogging (just like we are) about the Honda Win ruining the backpacker motorbike circuit. Backpackers travel to Vietnam, spend the holiday breaking down and leave the country with a feeling of disgust from being ripped off. They only leave after passing on the rip off to the next poor soul with a copied and pasted “no breakdown advert”. Probably the same exact same advert they got fooled by :). Not a great way to attract repeat business within our industry.


Local expat groups attitude towards the Win

Unfortunately the Win is a cash cow. The backpackers buying them have no idea what they are doing….  so it is quick and easy money to flog the Honda Win trash  for a profit.
Unfortunately the motorbikes don’t work, so it is not a scalable business model and the companies with reputations dread every sale from the risk of online review damage.

The sooner the backpackers stop lying to each other on facebook and craigslist with generic adverts of “no breakdowns” then the sooner this disaster motorbike can stop ruining holidays.

The Honda Win History

Honda stopped making the Honda Win in the year 2000.  Mostly the Honda Wins on the market are Chinese copies, but occasionally a “real” one pops up. These are also fake and explained in more detail due to Honda no longer supporting the Honda Win and it being impossible to find parts.

It is common to now see “Detech Honda Win”, and this is better than all the other Honda Wins because…..[insert ridiculous story].
The truth – The Honda Win is so rubbish that brand names get tarnished. As the name gets tarnished the locals dealers switch to a new Brand and start to promote it over and above the others. A very clever strategy!

First it was Mekado, then Feroli, then Sufat and now Detech Honda Win!
Essentially all the same garbage, but as the name gets dragged through the dirt then the simple solution to the problem is to change to a different brand!

Obvious alternatives to the Honda Win

Tigit uses a select few models of motorbike that we believe to be the best performing motorbikes in Vietnam!

Drop the being fashion conscious for one holiday and pick up a Honda Blade 110cc. This is what the locals use… and the idea of travelling a country is to experience the local culture. What better way of experience the culture than to use the wheels of Vietnam!
Regardless of culture, the Honda Blade is likely to work out cheaper than a Honda Win over a journey.

Dropping the fashion is not an option, so you need a manual motorbike that looks good. Once again, do what the locals do!
The Honda Winner, Yamaha Exciter and Suzuki Raider are all beautiful looking machines. The fact that they are high end, high performance optimised 150cc racers that any local teenage boy would dream to have is just a casual bonus. These motorbikes are the eye candy of Vietnam, the Lamborghini and Ferrari of the Vietnamese street racers.

So you just want a motorbike and the local scooter image simply won’t do!
The Honda XR 150cc is a dual sport motorbike designed for all terrain. A monster truck for Vietnam that comes with the added bonus of extreme comfort for the long journeys. Big wheels combined with soft and bouncy suspension make these the perfect motorbike for touring Vietnam!




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