Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc

Long distance travel and Day rentals

HCM Hanoi
$750 for 1 month
  • $3000 PreAuth Credit card deposit
  • $750 rent for 1 month
  • Extra​ ​months​ ​:​ ​$600 ​a ​month
  • Unlimited ​ ​KM
  • Free breakdown coverage
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Free 2nd hand helmet, rack, bungees
  • Optional ​​deposit of $1000 +​ ​passport ​with ​Vietnam​ ​Visa
HCM or Hanoi Danang
$3000 Deposit
  • $3000 PreAuth Credit card deposit
  • $450 rent within 10 days
  • Extra Days : $35 a day
  • Unlimited KM
  • Free breakdown coverage
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Free 2nd hand helmet, rack, bungees
  • Optional ​​deposit of​ $1000 + ​passport ​with ​​Vietnam​ ​Visa
Day ​ ​Rental ​ ​Start​ ​and Finish ​ ​any ​ ​city.
$35 a day
  • $3000 PreAuth Credit card deposit
  • $35 a day
  • Minimum 4 days
  • Unlimited ​ ​KM
  • Free breakdown coverage
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Free 2nd hand helmet, rack, bungees
  • Optional ​​deposit of​ ​$1000 + passport ​​with ​Vietnam​ ​Visa

To enquire about this motorbike please contact us. We are working on a checkout system. We reply within 24 hours, so check spam if nothing arrives.

Classic driving in Vietnam

The Himalayan is a beautiful mid sized motorbike that fits the dream of classic driving in Vietnam. It may have a classic look, but this is a 2018 Royal Enfield release with modern technology inside. External reviews have complemented the high quality finish that this motorbike has. No corners have been cut with cheap plastics and displays.

400cc of gentle driving.

A race motorbike this is not. The Himalayian is a donkey when it comes to speed and this 400cc engine packs nearly no punch at all!
This is perfect for Vietnam however, where motorbikes rarely exceed 60km/h. Road speeds really are unbelievably slow here.

The Himalayan has the “big” numbers, but it is very easy to handle and definitely geared for a casual cruise up the country.

Low to the ground and excellent handling

The Royal Enfield Himalayan shines through by being low to the ground giving a feeling of speed whilst hardly moving. It handles easily around corners and is a pleasure to drive on the road.

Great at off-roading

Hit that gravel track and make a claim to fame that you did some off-roading in Vietnam! For beginners wanting the first taste of dirt, then this is the motorbike to do it on. Low to the ground, manageable power and a large wheel size suited for riding those countryside back lanes.

All round adventure motorbike

Equipped with side boxes and a back rack. Comfortable for two people and luggage. Suitable for short people and tall people. The Himalayan doesn’t do anything extreme, it just caters to the casual middle of the range of “everything”, which is ideal for a rental motorbike!

5 gears
Engine Size
400 cc
Top Speed
Cruise Speed
Tank Size
15L liters

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  1. Mark Davis says:

    Would you have a Himalayan or possibly 2 available around the 5th of January for 2 weeks ????

  2. Alex says:

    Morning Tigit Team,

    Is the Enfield available in Danang.

    I’m looking to arrive on Monday 12/11/2018, returning to Danang Friday 16/11/2018. I’ll be riding with my girlfriend. Are panniers available and do they fit while riding 2 up.


  3. Mark furness says:

    Hi guys

    We have contacted you before regarding hiring bikes in January, i see the route you have on your site is Hanoi- HCM can it be done the other way round? I see the cost is750 for a months rental. We would only be looking at two weeks, would we be able to have a daily rate?. Also my mate has asked if you have a package, which includes guide, accommodation?

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      It does not matter which is the start / finish city. The price is the same.

      The Himalayan is
      $3000 deposit on card
      $450 rent within 10 days
      $35 a day after the first 10 days

      Two weeks (14 days?) = $590 rent

      An email has been sent with more information.

  4. Chris says:

    Hey hey

    My Girl Friend and I will be riding from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City for the month of Dec. We will be taking the Ho Chi Minh road primarily. We have our eye on this bike. We both have motorcycle licenses here in the US, but that being said we know bike’s are always one size fits all.

    She’s 5’3 Inches and I’m 5’11. We each want to ride our own bike so my question is, can she fit on it? Can suspension be adjusted to lower the bike if not.

    Also whats support like for these in Vietnam? The Honda blades and Winners you have seem to be easy to fix up just about anywhere, but I have concerns that finding a replacement tire for one of these while in “sticks” might be difficult. Also do you anticipate these being ok making such a long journey so long as we change the oil at the appropriate times?

    We will likely be renting from yall either way.

    Thank you! Love you’re videos and info!

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      The Himalayan is a low bike. Praised for its low center of gravity and great handling. She can drive it without modification.

      There is basically no support for these bikes in Vietnam. However this is more our problem than yours. If the motorbike has issues that can not be sorted. Then we will replace with an XR 150 and refund accordingly.

      Providing you are relaxed about a bad situation, and allow us as a company to fix the bad situation. Then all is good!

  5. Symphorien Gilles says:

    we want from Sunday in Da Lat 16.12. Morning – 31.12.2018 in Ho Chi Minh City reserve a Royal Enfield Himalayan 400 cc! … and how much would that cost?
    Best regards
    Symphorien Gilles

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      Dalat to HCM

      The Himalayan is
      $3000 deposit on card
      $35 a day

      + $30 transport to Dalat

      Total from 16th to 31st = $555 rent

      An email has been sent with more information.