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  • Transmission manual
  • Gears 4 gears
  • Engine Size 110 cc
  • Top Speed 80 kph
  • Cruise Speed 50 kph
  • Tank Size 7 litres


Price to buy




With passport. Collect passport and deposit when returning the motorbike.

35 day Buyback price


Honda Win

We are proud NOT to sell the Honda Win
The truth about the Honda Win.

Unreliable, unpredictable and generally expensive to fix. Even if they do work, they will never drive properly and have no handling and no build quality!

It makes no sense to travel all the way to Vietnam to experience some of the greatest mountain roads in the world, only to choose the worst motorbike on the entire continent!
Watch our youtube video to understand more about the Honda Win.

Travelers only get the Win because…………. on average backpackers have absolutely no idea about motorbikes.

Don’t trust dealers? Backpacker to backpacker pact ? Ok then…. watch these!

TigitMotorbikes Honda Win explanation!

6 responses to “Honda Win”

  1. Adam says:

    Do you know what size feeler gauges I need to adjust the valves on a 120cc Espero?

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      Sounds far too complicated for a tin can motorbike.

      Get a mechanic to repair the engine for around 500-1 mil and off you go.

  2. lars says:

    so what you recommend buying – i dont se any alernative in your comment

  3. haroon alabbasi says:

    i been interest to Mack a jorny thru the Vietnam … but i should start from north to south ,or south to north . 2- what you thing i should tack flit to Hanoi retain ticket or to ho chi minh . 3- im interest in Honda win so who match it will cost total withe paper work if i need to bay it withe re sail after i finish my trip, 4- how match the cost of the hotels in the rood . 5- witch the best time for trip i min the month.

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      We do not sell Honda Wins. At the top of the page is “We are proud NOT to sell the Honda Win”

      South to North or North to south is up to you. No right or wrong answer here.
      Hotels are 5usd up to 30usd for good ones. Travelling Vietnam can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be!

      Should you decide to read the website in more detail, I will gladly answer more specific questions that you may have.

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