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Tigit Jon’s youtube channel fairly obviously shows off where his passion is when it comes to motorbikes. Enduro and hard offroad riding.

In his free time, Jon grabs a staff member from Tigit and hits the dirt tracks of Vietnam.

Tigit is not relying on the income from offroad tours and it is just the passion behind the company. We know motorbikes get destroyed, and we know real offroad tires only last a short amount of time but we don’t care. We just want to get clients out there riding the very best that Vietnam has to offer.

So unlike other tour companies, the offroad tours we do, really are offroad tours. We are not trying to save money by tricking the client into a little bit of dirt for marketing material. We will send you straight into the toughest terrain that you can handle.

Tour Highlights

  • Routes for all difficult levels
  • The best hotels we can find with soft mattresses
  • Proper MX gear including Forma Boots and Ls2 elbow and knee pads
  • Bikes that are properly equipped for Enduro riding

Who this tour is for

There are offroad tours that are road tours with a tad of gravel, mostly used to get the money shot Instagram pictures.
Then there are offroads tours by a company like Tigit, where guides spend free time researching the remotest and most difficult to ride roads in the country.

If you want a real offroad tour, then you are in the right place.

Tour Itinerary

Day 01

Any route

Tigit can cater to 1 day tours all the was up to 12 day tours.

Tour Prices

  • Prices are in United States Dollars
  • This is an all-inclusive tour, including damage waiver
  • The standard bike for the tour is the Honda CRF 150
  • Minimum 2 people, for 1 person please see rent a guide
Price per person per day CRF 150 175usd 
Price per person per day CRF 250 200usd
Price per person per day Husq 310 / WR 450 212usd
Price per person per day KTM EXC 350 225usd

Tour Info

  • Forma MX Boots
  • Ls2 Knee pads and Elbow Pads
  • Ls2 Rapid Fullface Helmet
  • English Speaking Guide
  • All meals, water and soft drinks on tour
  • Free Damage Waiver (don’t worry about crashing)
  • Petrol

Tour Guide

Tigit Guides

Tigit guides are local enduro enthusiasts. English is average at best. Passion lies in driving and motorbikes. A tour is a way to escape the Tigit office and be out there on the roads. Be assured they are enjoying the trip just as much as you are.

Tigit guides are selected based on their motorbike skills, we hope, that they have enough skills to get both themselves and you out of the mud!

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