Danang to Hanoi 7-12 days

This 7 -12 day motorbike tour starts in the beautiful city of Danang and finishes in Hanoi or Sapa. We can finish in Hanoi, or continue into the North to see the splenderous mountains of Sapa.

We tackle the absolutely stunning Ho Chi Minh Road which winds through the mountains and contains amazing natural beauty. A road that is only witnessed by people on motorbikes! We get to see the “real Vietnam” as we cruise our way through spectacular countryside and mountain trails. The tour passes through Phong Nha National park, an area with the worlds largest cave.

We continue North to explore the lime stone mountains of Ninh Binh. As we near the capital city of Hanoi we pass across farmland where we can see traditional farming techniques that are still in use today.


Day 1 Danang to Prao:

We collect the motorbikes from Tigit Danang office at 8:00.
Heading inland through countryside villages as we drive further from civilisation. This is a gentle drive on single track back lanes that sweep up and down little hills. We witness the everday countryside life of Vietnamese and stop several times for coffee as we go.
The first day is a casual entry to this tour, going from the beautiful city of Danang on the coast all the way inland to the remote area of Vietnam near to the Laos border. Setting us up perfectly for the beginning of the Ho Chi Minh Road.

Day 2 Prao to Khe Sanh:

This is the beginning of the famous Ho Chi Minh road, which is one of the greatest mountain roads in the world. The road twists and turns with an amazing variety of up and downhill. Drivers will find themselves thinking “how can this get any better?”, but it does, with every passing moment, the road somehow gets better. This is the beauty of doing Danang to Hanoi, it just keeps getting better.

If time allows, we visit Khe Sanh Meseum where the largest battle in Vietnam took place. Seeing old helicopters, tanks and Airplanes. This is a quiet museum that not many tourists get to visit. It paints a great picture of what the Americans were up against when trying to do logistical operations in this mountain terrain.

Day 3 Khe Sanh to Phong Nha:

Yesterday couldn’t get any better, but today we see that it can. You are already amazed by the beauty that Vietnam has on offer, and waking up in the morning might assume more of the same.
This however, is the famous part of the Ho Chi Minh Road and it is nothing less than a magical phenomenon. A single track mountain road calved through mountain terrain, people lost their lives trying to make this road in the war times. A way of secretly transporting tanks and goods around. Despite being incredibly remote and appearing to connect towns of nearly no value, this road has been kept in superb condition by the Vietnamese government.
It endly twists and turns through the mountains closely following fantastic turquoise rivers.

The day closes out entering Phong Nha, an area showing off the world largest caves. Having spent the day driving up and down mountains, the entrance to Phong Nha is a nice change of pace as the road flattens out as we start to pass churches and other local, but remote civilisation.

Day 4 Phong Nha:

This place is too beautiful to simply pass through. We take a rest day in Phong Nha where we can drive around looking for caves. Or we can leave the motorbikes behind and do the touristy version of tours and get picked up from our Hotel.
We can see Dark Cave, Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Cave or just relax for the day!


The Tour Guide

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*all guides speak English as a first language and Vietnamese at a communication level or above.

Tour Price

*All prices listed are per rider (USD)

RIDERS  daily price XR150
1 Enquiry Only
2 185
3 175
4 165
5+ 155


Tour Information


  • All accommodation
  • All meals & drinks
  • All fares & fees
  • Motorbike & Fuel
  • Open-face Helmet
  • Riding jacket
  • Hydration Backpack
  • Wet Weather Gear
  • Dry Bag for Luggage

NOT included

  • Alcohol
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Police Fines
  • Private Expenses
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Health Insurance
  • Liability Insurance


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