4 – 10 days North Vietnam Motorbike Tour

4 – 10 days motorbike tour around the north of Vietnam

It doesn’t take long to reach pristine mountain views when leaving Hanoi on a motorbike. This part of Vietnam is famous for motorbiking tours for a reason, and in a simple 4-day motorbike tour it is possible to go from the hustle and bustle of the capital city to amazing remote and traditional Vietnam.

Huge areas of the North have not had roads until recently, and some of these areas are still new to the “developed world”. Apart from the occasional motorbike tour passing through, these areas are inaccessible to most and remain to be about as traditional as can be.

There are thousands of minority ethnic groups in the North of Vietnam, and on the whole, these people want nothing to do with mainland Vietnam. They continue to go about their daily lives ignoring the existence of the enormous Hanoi capital just a few hours away.

For the traveler with a short time frame, this tour is the perfect way to get out of the city and into remote terrain and to see areas of Vietnam that few get to see!

  • From $70/day/rider
  • non-inclusive tour where the Tour Guide and riders separately pay their day to day expenses.
  • 4-10 days
Tour guide
  • Vietnamese Tour guide with over 10 years of experience.
  • Honda Blade 110cc
  • Honda XR/CRF 150cc
  • tarmac/dirt
Skill level
  • Intermediate & experienced

Tour Photos and Videos

4-day tour sample itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi to Mai Chau 185 KM (Home Stay)

Mai Chau is a beautiful valley around 185KM from Hanoi. We can choose to take open flat roads, paddy field routes or rocky offroad driving.
It doesn’t take long to escape the chaos of Hanoi city and the tour quickly finds itself surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges.

We wrap this day up with a traditional Home Stay.

Day 2: Mai Chau to Phu Yen 175 KM (Hotel)

We start the day with a relaxed saunter around the rustic village of Mai Chau, a location primarily filled with Thai people. This ride is all about the scenery, we glide over mountains and cross through forests. There are endless opportunities for photos on this stunning terrain.

Before reaching Phu Yen we drive down to Moc Chau Plateau where we are surrounded by the scent of tea, plum and peach plantations. We have lunch in Moc Chau to take in the wonderful surroundings and smells.

Day 3: Phu Yen to Thac Ba Lake 170 KM (Home Stay)

This is a relaxing short day where we take in the surrounding tea plantations, stopping in Yen Bai for lunch. After lunch, we begin our descent to Thac Ba lake where we aim to arrive at around 3:00 pm in time for a boat tour around the glorious Thac Ba lake. We are rowed in our boat past hundreds of little islands, going further and further from the mainland. We stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere and clamber up an island to take in the fresh air of an area that is nearly completely untouched by man.

Day 4: Thac Ba Lake to Hanoi 185 KM

The day is started with a traditional breakfast among the locals. The route back is up to you, we can cruise the highway back to Hanoi or if you are not done with the Northern beauty we can hit more countryside roads and see the Red River Delta where the water puppetry shows are said to have originated from! The red river delta remains part of the UNESCO Biosphere programme since 2004.

We aim to be back in Hanoi by 4:30 pm where we say our goodbye.  By the end of this four-day tour you can tick a few boxes off that bucket list. “Motorbiking Vietnam”, “Had a go at offroading”, “Seen some of the most natural places and backward places in the world”.

The motorbikes we use

The Honda XR150cc and the Honda Blade 110cc are the default bikes for this tour.


Tour Price

  • NON-INCLUSIVE TOUR: the Tour Guide and riders separately pay their day to day expenses
  • All prices listed are per rider per day, in USD.
  • Tours can be designed into any amount of days between 4 – 10
  • Price table below are with default bikes: Honda XR150/Honda Blade
Number of


1 $160
2 $100
3 $80
4+ $70


Tour Information

What’s included

  • Vietnamese Tour guide paying his own way
  • Tigit rental motorbike with damage waiver
Not included

  • Personal expenses
  • All meals, water and soft drinks on tour
  • Petrol, oil and mechanic on tour
  • Accommodation
  • Beer and alcohol on tour
  • Personal health insurance
  • Tips and gratuity
  • Damage to the motorbikes

Booking Tour