1 day Mekong Delta by Motorcycle

Mekong by Motorbike

Long An – Bến Tre – Tiền Giang

  • 1 day
Tour guide
  • Renzo – Peruvian tour guide
  • Honda Blade 110cc
  • Honda XR/CRF 150cc
  • mostly gravel roads
Skill level
  • Beginner, intermediate

This is not the typical Mekong Delta tour. In this tour you will drive through villages and farms, witnessing
first hand the features and environment of the farmer’s life. We will cross 3 provinces of the Mekong
Delta, each offering different landscapes and great picture points. This is mostly an offroad tour, so wave
bye to highways and get ready for small provincial roads and several dirt trails of varying difficulties.
The Mekong Delta is a system of rivers crossing the southwestern tip of Vietnam. It is called the rice basket
of Indochina because of its fertility and capacity to grow enough crops and paddy fields to feed the nation.
In this tour we will take several bridges and ferries as roads by land are not sufficient to cover the territory.

Perks of this tour

  • Experience Vietnamese culture in the Mekong Delta
  • Drive on a mixture of road and small back lanes
  • Off the tourist trail and into unique areas of the Mekong
  • Local foods and homestays

Who this tour is for

This 1 day Mekong Delta by Motorcycle tour is for people wanting to experience the Mekong with a limited amount of time. This is a big day of driving covering around 250km of ground. This is more than most people would do with several days of time. It requires dedication for a long time being on a motorcycle. We will be leaving early and returning late with some night time driving. By the end of this day you can safely tick that box of having experienced the Mekong Delta. You did more than just experience it, you hammered your way through it!

To truly experience the Mekong Delta and the fascinating culture it provides we recommend the Mekong delta motorbike Adventure with two or three days.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1 – Bến Tre Province

Distance: 300km – This is a big drive and we will be leaving early morning and returning late at night.

• Drive to Bến Tre in early morning.
• Drive through farmlands passing by ferries.
• Drive through some dirt trails in isolated villages.
• Leave Bến Tre City passing by bridges and the market.
• Visit the fruit orchards of Cái Mơn.
• Have lunch at a homestay in Cái Mơn.
• Rest and enjoy the homestay’s private fruit garden.
• Leave for the Tiền Giang province, taking some detours on riverside dirt trails.
• Take very scenic and challenging narrow dirt roads among a vast and long field of crops.
• Start on our way back to HCMC in the afternoon.

Accommodation and food

We will eat the local food which is unavailable in other regions of the country.
The food served will be typical dishes of the Mekong such as salty river fish grilled with local spices,
vegetable and pork rolls with fish sauce, diversified vegetables and of course fruit platters varying
depending on the season.
Should you want to be adventurous with the food, options such as duck embryo eggs, coconut and silkworms
, dog meat or other specialties of Vietnam are also available. These need to be pre-ordered.

*Vegetarian food will need to be pre-booked. However, neither vegan nor
gluten-free options are possible.


The motorbikes we use

The Honda XR150cc and the Honda Blade 110cc are the motorbikes for this tour.

The Tour Guide

Hosted by Renzo, from Peru (30 yrs old).
Fascinated by local culture and cuisine, Renzo is one of few expats to master the difficult Vietnamese language. Renzo is able to translate and display traditional Vietnam with his language skills and passion for food which will take travelers to places that are undiscovered and unique.
Also fluent in French, Spanish, English and a touch of Japanese, Renzo is the guide for the job for answering all those fascinating unanswered questions about different cultures.

Culture and language skills aside, Renzo runs a motorbike rental company for expats within Ho Chi Minh City. This has lead to an interest in providing motorbike related guided tours which dive deep into the Mekong Delta and stay distant from the standard tourist trails.

Tour Price

  • Prices are in USD
  • this is an all-inclusive tour
  • the standard bike for the tour is the Honda XR150/Honda Blade110
All inclusive Package Mekong Motorbike Adventure
Person 1 day Tour Honda XR 150cc
2 $150 / Person
3 $130 / Person
4+ $120 / Person

Tour Information

What’s included

  • Motorbike rental
  • Motorbike Gas/petrol
  • Motorbike Damage Waiver (don’ worry about crashing!)
  • English/French/Vietnamese/Spanish Speaking Guide
  • All meals, water and soft drinks/beer

Booking Tour