Vietnam Fully Guided Motorbike Tours

Cat Tien Getaway 2 days

Cat Tien Getaway 2 days

Escape from the chaos of the city and stay the night on the banks of the Dong Nai river opposite the Cat Tien National Park. Enjoy a perfect weekend getaway while riding at your own pace on the quiet back roads that wind through the countryside.

Prices from $225 all inclusive
Saigon Circle 4-8 days

Saigon Circle 4-8 days

Wide variety of scenery, different riding styles and skill levels. Coastal and mountain roads to be seen in a short space of time. Stunning varied scenery

Prices from $135 p/day
Cat Tien Off-Roader 2 days

Cat Tien Off-Roader 2 days

Cat Tien is a maze of dirt roads and small clay tracks. The condition of them constantly changes due to the harsh climate of Vietnam. One week a track has a few puddles of water, the next it has puddles the size of swimming pools. Simply put, it's the perfect playground for anyone wanting to do an off-road tour in southern Vietnam.

Prices from $225 all inclusive

Scheduled Tours 2017/2018

December 4–6 HCMC Loop – 3 Days – SIGN UP – FILLING FAST

December 9-10 Cat Tien Off-Road – 2 Days – FULL

December 18-21 Saigon Circle – 4 Days – SIGN UP

December 25 Cu Chi – 1 Day X-mas Special – SIGN UP

December 30 – January 4 Saigon Circle – 6 days – FULL

Jan 6 – 8 HCMC Loop – 3 Days – SIGN UP

Jan 10 – 11 Cat Tien Off-Road – 2 Days – SIGN UP 2 places left

Experience the best of Vietnam through guided motorbike tours.
Buried among the standard roads are networks of truly spectacular routes that only a guide can provide. Maximise what can been seen in a single holiday by using a tour guide who can take you places that are otherwise unreachable as a normal traveller.

Fully guided motorbike tours with Nation 7
Tigit has teamed up with Nation 7 tours to provide new an exciting experiences in the South of Vietnam. Stunning new mountain and coastal roads have recently been developed in the Southern areas of Vietnam and very few people have discovered them!
No tour companies operate in the areas that Tigit and Nation 7 are using.

Tours from Ho Chi Minh tend to be very touristy, the Cu Chi Tunnels and various Mekong Delta trips. Tigit and Nation 7 aim to provide adventure tours to thrill seekers who want to escape the usual tourist circuit.

The Tigit Offices
Tigit Motorbikes has offices in Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi. Nation 7 tours has been busy setting up loops for Ho Chi Minh and back, however with a motorbike from Tigit it is possible to travel the length of Vietnam and return in a different city.

Choose Tigit
Booking guided motorbike tours through Tigit ensures quality of motorbikes as proven by our reputation throughout the internet. We also act as an intermediary to deal with online transactions and payment processing through our systems that are more developed and cheaper than traditional Vietnamese tour companies.
Tigit is acting as a travel agent, promoting freelance tour guides which allow for a competitive and high quality service.

We are confident in our tour guide recommendations, but hold no responsibility and no guarantee to the performance of the tour. We are interested in feedback and have the flexibility to change our recommendations for future clients.