Vietnam Fully Guided Tours on motorbikes

Experience the best of Vietnam through guided motorbike tours.

Buried among the standard roads are networks of truly spectacular routes that only a guide can provide. Maximise what can been seen in a single holiday by using a tour guide who can take you places that are otherwise unreachable as a normal traveller.

How does it work.
Tigit provides motorbikes to 3rd party experienced and reputable tour guides. Tigit will only work with tour guides that we believe will take care of both our referral clients and our motorbikes. We also aim to choose tour guides that can provide accurate quotes as to the tour cost whilst adapting to the clients driving abilities and needs.

The Tigit Offices
Tigit has offices and motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Danang. Currently we are referring customers to Ho Chi Minh freelancers. We are actively looking for trustworthy sources in Danang and Hanoi.
Within Ho Chi Minh, Tigit motorbikes is closely working with freelancers to provide adventure motorbike tours on new discovered routes and roads.

Choosing Tigit?
Booking guided tours through Tigit ensures quality of motorbikes as proven by our reputation throughout the internet. We also act as an intermediary to deal with online transactions and payment processing through our systems that are more developed and cheaper than traditional Vietnamese tour companies.
Within Vietnam is a large circle of tour companies all with varying prices and qualities. Tigit Motorbikes can pick and choose the best guides to refer, whilst utilising our normal standard motorbike rentals. Tigit can act as a travel agent, promoting freelance tour guides which allow for a competitive and high quality service.

We are confident in our tour guide recommendations, but hold no responsibility and no guarantee to the performance of the tour. We are interested in feedback and have the flexibility to change our recommendations for future clients.