Vietnam Fully Guided Motorbike Tours

Hanoi Guided Motorbike tours

Tigit has teamed up with the best Vietnamese freelance tour guides in the North of Vietnam. There is no shortage of experience and competition when it comes to guides and companies in Hanoi. With popular routes being in operation for upwards of 15 years.  Tigit is cutting out the overheads of a traditional tour company by utilizing our vast stock of rental Honda XR’s that are in quick turn over throughout the country. Tigit does not need to sit around waiting for one-off high-end tours, our motorbikes are in quick turnover and usage anyway. As such, we treat booked tours as standard rentals and forward to the best freelance guides. This is guaranteed to be the cheapest way to get a guided motorbike tour of the North of Vietnam!
The North is stunning and variable. Guides can adapt to the clients’ needs in a heartbeat and there are no “set routes”. This is why digging around for set itineraries is surprisingly difficult when it comes to booking motorbike tours.
It’s a holiday that will be remembered, all you need to do is decide on the amount of time needed to experience the North and a guide will have you lost in the supreme beauty in no time!

Saigon Guided Motorbike tours

Opposite to the North of Vietnam, everything in the South is new and undiscovered. Tigit has teamed up with Australian tour company Nation 7 to bring the best of the South of Vietnam. The South benefits from the amazingly warm, tropical weather that Vietnam is famous for. All year round the South is hot and in the rainy season, there is nothing more exciting than driving through boiling hot tropical storms. Providing you are an adventure seeker, then the weather conditions can be considered perfect year round!
Our Saigon motorbike tours show off a huge variety of scenery in a short space of time. Tours are able to reach offroading in National parks to midland farming territory and the famous Vietnamese coastline.
For people on a quick weekend getaway, we highly recommend the Cat Tien Off-Roader two day tour, which is perhaps the maximum amount of adventure that can be achieved in a short space of time!
This is all made possible through Saigon’s new road networks which have enabled motorbikes to get out the enormous city in a timely fashion.

Hanoi Motorbike tours

North Motorbike tour 4 days

North Motorbike tour 4 days

A quick snapshot of the Northern Beauty. It does not take long to get out of Hanoi capital city and into remote, mountainous terrain. We spend time in Home stays and experience ethnic minority groups that have only recently gained access to the outside world. This route has a great mix of terrain and the client/group can determine what kind of driving they are looking for.

$600 not inclusive
Danang to Hanoi 7-12 days

Danang to Hanoi 7-12 days

An epic ride from the peaks of the Central Highlands to the peaks of the Northern Highlands and everything in between.
*More Details Coming Soon

Prices from $145 p/day

Saigon Motorbike Tours

Cat Tien Off-Roader 2 days

Cat Tien Off-Roader 2 days

Cat Tien is a maze of dirt roads and small clay tracks. Their condition constantly changes due to the tropical climate of Vietnam. The Wet Season brings puddles of mud, and the Dry Season shows up mounds of clay great for launching off. Perfect for all adventure riders wanting to get off-road for the day.

Prices from $245 all inclusive
Ho Chi Minh Loop 3 days

Ho Chi Minh Loop 3 days

The Ho Chi Minh Loop is a great chance to experience a piece of everything the south of Vietnam has to offer all in one package. A tropical forest, quiet roads that wind through the South-Central Highlands, and fishing villages on the coast are a stark contrast to the chaos of the city.

Prices from $380 all inclusive
Saigon Circle 4-8 days

Saigon Circle 4-8 days

Wide variety of scenery, different riding styles and skill levels. Coastal and mountain roads to be seen in a short space of time. Stunning varied scenery

Prices from $135 p/day

One Way Guided Kickstarter Tours

if you’re looking for a ‘One-Way’ Guided Tour before continuing on your way up north, there are options available. Send your inquiry and select Kickstarter from the ‘Tour selection’ drop-down box. We can help get you started.

Tour Schedule

See below if you want to join a group


Jun 08 – Jun 14 7 Peak to Peak Medium FULL
Jun 18 – Jun 24 7 Peak to Peak Medium FULL
Jul 02 – Jul 03 2 Cat Tien Off-Roader Medium/Hard FULL
Jul 07 – Jul 08 2 Cat Tien Off-Roader Medium/Hard SIGN UP
Jul 14 – Jul 15 2 Cat Tien Off-Roader Hard SIGN UP
Jul 28 – Jul 29 2 Cat Tien Off-Roader EXTREME SIGN UP
Aug 13 – Aug 16 4 Kickstarter to Mui Ne Medium FULL
If you like Extreme Adventure Riding then July is the time to go. Book NOW!


*From late July to late September the Cat Tien Off-Roader is extremely unpredictable. Roads/tracks will temporarily close without warning due to flooding and many locals consider the area to be ‘Off Limits’.

*The above scheduled dates can be adjusted to suit your group.

Hire a photographer and backup bike

“Tigit Motorbikes Link” a local photographer enthusiast and a superb backup driver. The services of Link guarantees that you will look good whilst motorbiking Vietnam!
Link comes equipped with a “Sony Alpha 86000” camera and a Go Pro Hero 5. Combine this with wizardry Photoshop skills and the adventure motorbike holiday will be captured with the finest quality.

Even the most organized tour can have problems and with a backup driver, those problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Hit a nail and get a flat, then swap bikes with our backup driver Link and continue onward as if nothing happened!
The Tigit photographer/backup driver combination runs $130 and a day and guarantees the adventure tour will have you looking at your best!

Contact us and start building the dream motorbike tour in Vietnam!

Beginner1-5 years5 years +

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