Scooter collection and delivery

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Scooter collection and delivery

Scooter collection and delivery doesn’t work

It is common for prospective clients to request collection and delivery services, and often this is seen as a normal request and met with disgust when not offered.

Car rental companies normally do not often offer rental delivery or collection, but if they do, then it tends to start at $28 each way as an entry level price.

In the western world, car rental terms and conditions are mostly understood. When they are not understood and policy is broken, a car rental company can utilise the full extent of the law to recover losses.

Theft, crashes are general irresponsible client behaviour can be dealt with under law. In Vietnam, this is not possible and the risks to the rental company are far greater.

Tigit Jon not doing a delivery

Tigit Motorbikes gives a full and detailed briefing

The South East Asian motorbike rental market is seen as dishonest and full of scams. Tigit Motorbikes wants the client to witness our offices, meet our employees and establish that Tigit is not a backstreet scam of an operation.

With this meeting, Tigit gives a briefing on how to deal with scooters in Vietnam. Dealing with the police, avoiding theft and how to properly operate the vehicle.

Doing the checklist on the motorbike is a must after every sale

Clients of Tigit will read and sign papers after understanding our terms. We also provide a check list for clients to use to investigate the condition of the scooter.

Our aim is to make sure the client understands what they are renting and that problems do not lead to pointing fingers and wild accusations. Wild accusations appear to be common in South East Asia where travellers are operating in a foreign land using vehicles they are often not familiar with.

Still not delivering

Scams are out there but it is often the clients fault

Scams are out there and tend to get into the public eye of low end backpacker Facebook groups. However, usually these “scams” are travellers creating a mess for themselves and digging holes which leads to problems for the scooter rental company.
A common example of this is a traveller asking a public forum for the “estimated value of the scooter” after getting it stolen. This is met with random numbers usually as low as $200 without any consideration for the scooter model, condition or loss of use from the vehicle no longer being in operation.

Accusations of scooter rental companies stealing back their own motorbikes also seem surprising common. The logic is flawed and the effort that would go into sting operations such as this outweigh the effort of just having a good service.

“The customer is always right” is not correct with scooter rentals. More accurate would be, “The customer is always wrong”, but the question is whether the rental correctly disclaimed to the customer how to avoid being wrong!

Easy to fix problems in mechanic shop

English is a second language and miscommunication can lead to pointless drama

Educated and fluent English employees do not come free. Qualified English speakers do not want a job as a glorified delivery driver. It is not possible to train delivery drivers up to the level of service a foreigner expects. This can be seen throughout the food delivery market where restaurants get hammered with negative reviews from failed delivery operations.

Background checks are important for a rental company in Vietnam, and through delivery it is not possible to fail a client on meeting the minimum rental guidelines. Commonly seen with travellers having fake passports or prepaid credit cards that hold no value. Driving license tricks are also used to fool “delivery drivers” who are not trained within the western world.

This guy can speak some English

Googlemaps is not accurate enough

GoogleMaps is great in Vietnam, but it still struggles with pinpointing exact addresses. Travellers are often late for appointments, busy drinking beer or just generally behaving as if their value of business is worth the wait for the rental company.

When the meet and greet fails it falls into the logistics department of trained, English speaking employees. Time is not free, and tracking down where the client has disappeared too is not worth the money or the hassle!

Customer complaining, we fix it!

Value for money and all logic is lost

Grab and Uber drivers charge $0.5 for the journey, so why is the rental company charging $5?

Even at $5 a delivery is a pointless non profitable operation. Yet it is often considered a “rip-off” by those that request the service. Tigit would put the real value of a delivery at around $15 to make the operation work efficiently and accurately with appropriately trained staff. This number is never going to be understood on local markets and will shine through in a negative light at the rental company being expensive.

Actually….we try and fix it.

Customer not satisfied with the condition of the scooter

Within the Tigit offices if a customer is not satisfied with the scooter we can change the vehicle quickly and hassle free. The mechanic shop is also around to make minor alterations.
With a delivery service if the client feels the scooter is unacceptable it creates a sandwich situation where the rental company is not willing to send out another scooter, and the client is not happy with the current scooter. These are not favourable circumstances to begin a rental term.

Rental scooters are rarely in the same condition as an expected car rental. The numbers and profits are too low, not understood by travellers and this drives down the age and quality of the vehicles in use. There is no health and safety here, so for small shops there is little reason to provide a scooter that holds value. A scooter to note is the Yamaha Nouvo which is the most commonly used scooter on the rental market. A useless vehicle that locals do not want. This makes it cheap on the local markets and allows for very cheap rentals. The quality is not important, price wars and negotiations are what drives the industry. The average traveller does not research the street value of a Nouvo ($200) against the street value of a scooter that Tigit uses such as the Airblade ($1000).

The backstreet rental operations drive the quality and price down, but on low level research this is not understood and a company operating with good quality scooters is likely to be considered a rip off. To make the traveller understand the scooter is not a $200 piece of scrap is important and requires good paperwork and explanations against theft.

Doing paperwork

Car rentals do not require helmets

Motorbike rental companies get negative reviewed for providing inadequate helmets upon delivery. Consider a $10/day rental that is expected to be delivered with a good quality helmet and gas in the scooter. Health and safety is an easy target for bad reviews and when dealing in South East Asia it is a hard part of the business to succeed at.

Customers must choose a helmet that roughly fits and is of acceptable condition within their own mind. Failing helmet checks/fittings and it is far easier for the client to walk away annoyed, but not angry.

Rocking a low quality helmet, but at least he had the choice

$5 of gas in a $5 rental?

At Tigit we charge $10 minimum for a day rental with a minimum of 3 days. There are companies that do $5 a day, and somehow pickup negative reviews for providing a scooter with no gas. Clients seem to expect full gas tanks in Vietnam which is an unheard phenomenon in traditional rental industries. At Tigit we charge a premium and have no interest in price war games and negotiations. We do provide a full gas tank with the scooter to tackle this expectation. I can only imagine the frustration of delivering a scooter to be negative reviewed for a lack of gas.

At Tigit we have issues of customers driving scooters around until they run out of gas. An expectation of a free rescue and a push to the gas station. We charge for this and it is so common that it is even disclaimed within our contracts!

Life is hard

Delivery or collection leads to out of hour operation

Tigit attempted delivery and collection services back in 2016. A noticeable rise came from clients requesting this service to also request a return out of hours. Tigit staff are skilled,  trained and properly salaried. Outside of work hours are of little interest. To keep quality high and negative reviews low, Tigit has a small team of around 12 employees to 300 rental motorbikes. It is not possible for Tigit to do shift work so working hours are sensibly placed at 9am until 5pm with Sundays off. We like to keep to these hours.

I think he understands everything

Tigit does not do collection or delivery

Tigit does not do collection or delivery and never will. Grab and Uber are cheap enough to pop down to our offices to do things properly. Meet the people you are renting from, test the bike, understand the service and choose the best fitting helmet possible!
See the Tigit travel motorbikes and the Tigit City rental motorbikes, and remember not to request delivery 🙂

The Tigit Team

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