Racks and Luggage for Motorbikes

All the Tigit Motorbike long distance travel rentals have enough power and space to carry two people and luggage across Vietnam.

For optimum performance Tigit recommends that travellers aim for 15kg of luggage.
Each motorbike has pictures of options as a solo traveler or with two people to a motorbike.

Tigit Motorbikes uses official Givi racks, with custom-made extensions.

Travelers can send a bag between offices for $15 per bag. Tigit sends bags on the train between our three locations Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi. It does not matter how big the bag is, so pile in as much excess weight into a bag and have it delivered by train!
Watch our how to put a bag on a motorbike.

The Honda Blade

Travellers often express concern at the 110cc engine not being powerful enough. Tigit can confidently claim the Blade can carry two people and luggage over any roads or mountains that Vietnam can throw at it. These are the work horses of this country and the Honda Semi automatic will be seen on all terrain throughout the country.

Solo driver with 2 backpacks

The Honda Blade comes with a luggage rack created by Givi.
For most people this Givi rack is enough, but we can add an additional rack as seen in the pictures which extends off the back of the motorbike. The bags sit length ways, with the traveller keeping as much of the bag on the seat as possible before intruding on the drivers space. The more the luggage can be on the seat of the motorbike and better it will handle.
The Blade has a 3.7L gas tank which means a traveller must fill up once in the morning and once at lunch time. To do so, the luggage must be removed.
With practice this can be achieved within a few minutes.

Riding 2 up with the Honda Blade

The Tigit Honda Blade comes with a Givi rack and an additional extension rack. With two people on the motorbike the travellers put the bags sideways and put them on top of eachother. This provides a backrest for the pillion rider. The rig is strong, but on occasion can break under the seat where the four screws attach the Givi rack to the motorbike. The Givi rack itself can also buckle.
To weld racks is around 50,000-100,0000vnd (less than 5usd) and is the customers responsibility. Common sense is needed and observation to wear and tear as the journey progresses. Tigit recommends a maximum of 15KG, which is already over and above the Givi specs.
Tigit does not charge for broken racks, but we also won’t take responsibility or be blamed for them breaking on a journey.


The Honda Winner

Solo driver with Givi boxes and backpacks

The Honda Winner is the most powerful 150cc motorbike in Vietnam and can easily carry two people and luggage across Vietnam.
Tigit provides Givi side boxes and a Givi rack with the Honda Winner. These can be removed with a simple clip on design. Putting luggage in Givi boxes allows a traveller to conveniently carry luggage by simply unclipping the boxes from the motorbike.
Givi boxes also aid in protecting the Honda Winner bodywork when crashes occur.

The downside to Givi boxes is they weigh a lot which impacts on the handling of the motorbike.

The side boxes are  22 litres each.

The Winner comes with a 4.5 litre gas tank, a traveller must fill up once in the morning and once at around lunchtime. A range of roughly 150km.

Driving 2 up with the Honda Winner

Similar to the Honda Blade, the Winner has a Givi rack which supports around 15KG of luggage and is best piled up with the bags lengthways. The Winner has the best suspension out of the locally supported motorbikes which is why Tigit is comfortable adding additional Givi boxes which are not found on any of our other models.


The Yamaha Exciter

Best with solo driver

Tigit provides a Givi rack with Yamaha Exciters and this can be extended to be longer with larger bags. The Exciter is best driven with one person due to a weakness in quality of the suspension.
As a solo driver the Yamaha Exciter has incredible handling with stiff suspension which is great for cornering the mountain roads. A solo driver should not be put off from renting the Exciter by our comparisons to the Honda Winner.
The Exciter is an incredible mountain racer and an underused motorbike in the Tigit fleet. For locals, it remains to be the most popular manual motorbike in Vietnam!

The Yamaha Exciter has a 3.7L gas tank with a range of around 120km. It will need filling up once in the morning and once at lunchtime.


The Honda XR

Solo driver with a lot of stuff

The XR 150cc is the most comfortable motorbike that Tigit has to offer. It is also the best for two people and luggage.

The Honda XR 150cc comes with a sturdy rack that can easily be extended. There is plenty of space to pile bags on the motorbike.
The soft and bouncy suspension of the Honda XR is perfect for handling the bumpy roads and large potholes that can often be found throughout Vietnam.

Tigit does not provide side panniers or boxes with the Honda XR due to the width dimensions of the motorbike. Givi has tried (and failed) to design a side rack suitable for the Honda XR.
Other companies put custom built side racks on the XR which are heavy and ruins the handling of the motorbike. We will not provide side racks.

The Honda XR has a 12L gas tank which can reach up to 300km. This is more than a days drive within Vietnam. The Honda XR has a front filling gas tank and will only need filling up once each day.

Driving 2 up with the Honda XR150

Tigit provides an extension luggage rack and backpacks can be piled sideways on the motorbike giving the pillion rider a back rest.
The XR is the motorbike that is best equipped to handle two people and luggage within the Tigit motorbike fleet.