Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee
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Head over to Facebook and send us a message with a screenshot of the price from another company and we will match it!
Tigit also has a point system to be used on Tigit and Chrunix to gain further discounts on our products and services. This is 2% of the value spent and is automatically applied to your account.


  • Only companies in Vietnam
  • No hotels / Corner style pricing. Must be real businesses of a reasonable scale
  • We hold the right to reject the price match if we feel it can’t be matched, but we will certainly try!

Why use Tigit / Chrunix?

For motorbike rentals, Tigit has the largest fleet of bikes across the country. Ho Chi Minh, Dalat, Danang and Hanoi. There isn’t a situation or incident that we have not seen before, and we have the resources countrywide to help in any situation. Tigit is a premium-based company, and Corona has not changed that. However, with an enormous excess of bikes in the basement, we will try and keep our fleet of motorbikes moving which means offering rock bottom prices. Quality doesn’t change, but prices do!

For accessories over at, we wish to be competitive on the market, and will gladly try to match any competition out there. Give us a chance and buy from Chrunix, those points can later be used on motorbike rentals!



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