Motorbike Vietnam Guaranteed Buyback

Drop the motorbike off at any of our 3 offices , or major train/bus station in Vietnam!
Deposited money will shortly be wired over the internet directly into your home local currency at a minimal cost!

How does it work?

Each model of motorbike has a “buy” and “buyback” value that can be seen on the relevant PDF contracts. Tigit motorbikes operates from Hanoi, Danang and HCM where a customer can return the motorbike for the guaranteed buyback value.
It is also possible to return from other locations using bus and train stations.

Crashes and damages to the motorbike are explained in the model contracts. Tigit uses official Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha stores to act as a third party damage report. For most models this averages at $10 per broken part.
The buyback is guaranteed and can be proven by our review ratings across the internet.

Payment methods

Tigit uses cash, stripe, paypal and transferwise payment solutions. It is possible to pay with a card both online  and with a physical paypal card reader from within our offices.

Tigit operates in a similar way to traditional car rentals – we hold a refundable deposit (the buyback) on credit. This can be fully refunded when returning the motorbike.
We then take a second transaction which is the non refundable transaction, “The rent.”

Upon email or contact, a customer is given a detailed PDF explaining how we process transactions. This information is not displayed on the Tigit website.


Tigit is mostly an online business and we do not encourage or train staff for walk by sales. It is common that Tigit Motorbikes has garages that are either empty, or full of pre-booked motorbikes.
For manual motorbikes, booking around 1.5 months in advance is advisable and for the Honda Blade semi-automatic two weeks.

To book a motorbike please browse the available models and then contact us to proceed further.