Motorbike rentals, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda comparisons!

Motorbike rentals, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda comparisons!
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Motorbike rentals

Working at Tigit we have a unique perspective of motorbikes that few in the world get to witness. Dealing with long distance rentals over time, the same motorbikes come back through our mechanic shop over and over again. Sometimes travelling distances of up to 10,000KM before re-visiting our primary mechanic in Ho Chi Minh.

Tigit Motorbikes has rental motorbikes for the city, and rental motorbikes for long distance travelling. No Chinese copies or cheap and outdated motorbikes.

We often use the genuine service centres for maintenance and have become familiar with their services!

Not considered by normal motorbike riders, is the concept that most mechanics never get to see re-visitation of the same motorbike over thousands of KM.

Here are some trade secrets about the three main motorbike companies in Vietnam that we have learnt whilst renting motorbikes.


Benefits – No doubt that Honda motorbikes are the best value for money when taking into account quality of the vehicle and the after service provided. Honda mechanics are superbly trained through Vietnam – even in remote locations. The service is trustworthy with set prices throughout the country. Honda motorbikes rarely breakdown and when they do, the mechanics nail the problem first time. Replacement parts such as chains and tires will run considerably longer than the two rivals of Yamaha and Suzuki.
All the tour companies and tour guides are fully aware of how cost efficient Honda is for motorbike rentals!

Negatives – Honda seem to struggle with stock control for parts. For us, this causes issues with motorbikes sitting around waiting for parts. Honda releases or updates the bodywork design of models each year. It can be found that a release of a new model may have a waiting time of up to 3 months before Honda officially start manufacturing replacement parts.
Whilst a Honda mechanic has the skills to diagnose problems, they may not have the part to actually fix  it!


Benefits – The beauty of Yamaha is they stock parts everywhere and very cheaply. A small scratch in a Yamaha motorbike, or a broken component can be fixed in minutes. Standardized parts throughout their models and styles that rarely seem to change. Due to the ease of replacement parts, Yamaha are a sound choice for motorbike rentals!

Negatives – Unfortunately Yamaha shops and service centers are dishonest and on many occasions useless. It is clear to us that Yamaha do not have the same training or control over their service centers that Honda do. Yamaha may have the parts to fix a motorbike, but it seems they don’t always have the skills to know what to fix!


Benefits – A Suzuki motorbike is the best value in terms of quality to vehicle in relation to purchase price. Even out performing Honda when it comes to the long term maintenance of replacement parts!
For a personal motorbike then Suzuki are great, as can be seen by the popularity of our dream motorbikes within the Tigit mechanic shop.

Negatives – Suzuki falls flat in the lack of after service. Suzuki have nearly no service centers throughout Vietnam, and the ones that they do have are dishonest. I would love a Suzuki representative to read this and contact us in regards to the drama their service centers have caused.
A huge shame, because Suzuki on quality can compete with Honda, unfortunately due to nearly no after support for their motorbikes… Suzuki is a not an option for a business dealing on a large scale!

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