Motorbike Rental Deposits

Easy pickup and drop off from Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi.

Run out of time ?… Finished your planned journey? … Don’t want to give a shameless sales pitch to another traveller?….
Drop the motorbike off at one of our offices, HCM, Danang or Hanoi.
Deposit money will shortly be refunded over the internet directly into your home local currency at a minimal cost!

Long distance rental motorbikes

Similar to a traditional car rental company, Tigit Motorbikes takes a motorbike “deposit” and a “rental fee”.
Tigit mostly operates using set “packets” of 10 days up to 35 days. With extensions of extra months if the traveller is doing a very long holiday.

Most travellers do not know their exact start and finishing times, and to simplify the process of hidden transport costs, Tigit motorbikes combines everything into one “packet”.
A traveller can return in Ho Chi Minh, Danang or Hanoi within their given dates and there are no extra fees.
Other companies may advertise “per day rentals” across Vietnam, but they rarely correctly disclaim hidden transport fees where the motorbike must be sent back to the companies main office.

Tigit Motorbikes “packets” are all inclusive. (apart from oil changes every 1000km (5usd-10usd) and flat tires).
It is also possible to stop in other locations that have a major train station. Customers are responsible for the transport fee back to one of our offices which is usually around $40.

Assuming the traveller returns in Ho Chi Minh, Danang or Hanoi, then there are no additional fees to be paid.

Travellers can plan their holiday around one of our set packets and not worry about exact return dates or locations.

The idea is to have a quick and efficient motorbike rental where travellers can be free to navigate Vietnam without knowing the exact travel plans.

Credit card deposits

To use the suggested website deposits a traveller must use a credit or debit card within the Tigit website. Traveller cards or prepaid cards are not accepted.

For deposits, Tigit uses a pre-authorisation hold. The money is not charged and so no conversions take place.

Transactions are typically split into 3 payments.

From home:

1: A pre-booking deposit of 100usd per bike (pre-auth)

Within the Tigit office:

2: A refundable deposit (pre-auth)
3: A charge payment, which is converted to British pounds with a fee of approximately 2.9%

Tigit uses “stripe gateway UK”. Travellers should request banks/credit cards to allow payments to both the UK and Vietnam to avoid issues once arriving.

Prices are advertised in USD, but the charged credit card processing is converted to British pounds.

Avoid conversion fees

The quickest and most efficient form of payment is through the Tigit website using our payment gateway. This is not the cheapest.
To avoid transaction fees, customers may use the Tigit payment gateway for deposits, but use USD cash or VND cash (XE currency rates) to pay the motorbike rental.

Alternative online payments – BitCoin and Transferwise

Travellers may use Transferwise to VND which utilises bank transfers. This is the cheapest form of payment without carrying cash. For information on how to proceed, please state via email that you would like to pay all in advance over transferwise. This is not possible within our offices due to the processing time involved.

Tigit now accepts Cypto currency for the rental part of a payment (only if paid in advance). With prior contact Tigit will provide our wallet and travellers can deposit in the major Crypto currencies.

Passport deposits

Tigit has passport deposit options, where the passport contributes towards some of the deposit value.

The passport is sent recorded delivery to the finishing destination. It is possible to travel Vietnam with a passport copy. Hotels require traveller details for police registration forms. They do not need to physically keep your passport.

How do deposit returns work?

Stripe deposits:
Stripe deposits are pre-authorisation holds and so never charged. The money is temporarily held and then automatically released at some point on the travellers journey. The transaction will not show in bank/credit card statements as it never took place. This commonly causes confusion where a traveller is expecting a refund at the point of return.

Cash deposits:
Tigit stocks cash in all offices and we attempt to be prepared for cash returns. It can help if customers give advance warning before returning the motorbikes.

Bank transfers:
UK travellers can deposit directly by bank transfer in British pounds (no fees). Tigit uses a static exchange rate from the point of deposit to the point of return.