Meet Link The Tigit Motorbike Travel Specialist

Hello, I’m Link

Tigit Motorbike Travel specialist

A nerdy IT kind of guy, who went to software college and ended up working in sales business for Viettel for 3+ years, until I found out (or admitted) that I hate office job and big corps environment (or I just sucked at it)! Now working as the HCM motorbike travel specialist and service expert at Tigit Motorbikes and on-the-site blogger!

As a Vietnamese local living in HCM, I gotta admit that I actually know less about my country (for now) than some of the foreigners that came here backpacking around. This blog is just my way of sharing about motorbike and travel knowledge. It’s my exploration of things or places around the South, Central, and North of my country and if this ever inspires anyone enough to make a trip to Vietnam then I’m proud of having done something practical for my country 😀

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