Hue to Khe Sanh

A follow on from route 1 Hoi An to Hue

Hue to Khe Sanh

Total Time: 7 hours

Link to map.

A newly created road “ql49” makes for a fantastic drive into the remote mountainous countryside.
The start of amazing driving that must not be missed!

Important to leave early as there is very little help in the mountain regions and it is good to see the sunset rather than driving at night!

Khe Sanh
Battle of Khe Sanh was a defining moment in the Vietnam war. A military town in the mountains.

Hotels in Khe Sanh are ….. not great!
Tried them all and recommend Khanh Phuong Hotel

Khe Sanh Activities
Khe Sanh Combat base is an old airfield with tanks, airplanes and helicopters. A museum where a tourist is free to run around the airfield and clamber onto tanks and wonder around trenches. Leave early from Hue and if you have enough energy after a long drive then this combat base is a must see!


Honda Khe Sanh: 115 Lê Duẩn
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