How to rent a scooter in Vietnam

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How to rent a scooter in Vietnam

Rent a scooter in Vietnam and choose Tigit

Feel free to read the rest of this article, but the question of how to rent a scooter in Vietnam is simple.

Choose Tigit!

Tigit has offices in Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi.

Clear contracts and set prices for reliable and genuine scooters.

Tigit operates on a mass scale of a select few models that we believe to be the best performing scooters in Vietnam.

Tigit is competitive with prices as the maintenance of modern scooters is less than the old and outdated garbage that backpacker street companies often use!

Tigit aims to create a rental environment that replicates traditional car rentals from back home where the vehicle usually doesn’t break down.

A group of travelers on Honda Blades

A group of travelers on Honda Blades

Scooter rental popular choices

Within the backpacker streets, scooter rentals tend to revolve around Chinese motorbikes or more commonly the very cheap Yamaha Nouvo 1/2/3 scooter.

Outside the backpacker streets, companies with online reputations tend to use scooters that are genuine Honda semi-automatics or automatics such as the Honda WaveHonda Airblade or Honda Vision.

The rental prices between the cheap backpacker scooters and the genuine scooters are similar. The reason being that cheap scooters are more expensive to maintain for the rental company.

Scooter rental Values

Chinese motorbikes or Yamaha Nouvo 1/2/3 automatics have a street value of $150-300.
A rental company operating with these scooters will usually take a deposit of 1 million VND.

The rent is 10usd a day, or 1 million VND a month.

Once the deposit and rent is paid, the renter has paid nearly 1/4 the value of the scooter!

The reputable companies will use Honda semi automatics with a value between $500-800 or Honda automatics with a value of around $1000.

Deposit requirements are usually stricter and higher, ranging from 3 million dong to 5 million dong and usually combined with a small background check.

Passport deposits are also commonly accepted with a Vietnam Visa, but drivers licenses are not.

Travellers often assume that rental companies are desperate for business, however, the good companies operate no differently from traditional car rentals and often perform background checks on potential customers.

The advantages of renting a quality scooter from a reputable company

The most obvious advantage is that good scooters rarely breakdown! The Yamaha Nouvo and Chinese motorbikes have a low street value because locals do not want them. This is because they are old and breakdown all the time. These scooters may be risk free to rent as the value of them is small, but for the rental company they are high maintenance and stressful! Arguments are common as one breakdown will cost the rental company more than the daily rent. Blame is often put on the customer.

For the customer, a breakdown is incredibly inconvenient and often results in expenditure of taxis to get out of a bad situation.

Gas consumption is much higher on the old models. Modern Airblade scooters use fuel injection technology that is significantly more economical than old scooters.

The feel, performance, and handling of a quality scooter shines through with modern scooters.

Modern scooters are cheaper to fix when crashed!

A common fight rental companies and customers have is oversized bills with crashes. A $300 scooter requiring $100+ in crash damage seems an illogical rip-off…. but it isn’t!

Old scooters no longer have parts available and the rental company can struggle to source the parts. “Loss of use” from the vehicle waiting for parts and then the devalue of replacement parts being even lower quality than the original. Each time a scooter is crashed the damage can be covered up, but not really fixed!

Modern scooters are quick and easy to fix in Yamaha, Suzuki or Honda stores. The parts are cheap and readily available.

Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki can act as a 3rd party source for damage quotes and the customer does not need to fight or negotiate with the rental company!

Downsides of renting a good scooter

Theft is a big concern for travelers in a place like Vietnam. Security guys are everywhere and hotels bring the scooter inside. Armed with the correct knowledge, there is no reason or excuse for getting a scooter stolen in Vietnam. Read our information on parking a motorbike.

Common mistakes and things to look out for

The biggest mistake travelers make when renting scooters is failing to understand the value of the vehicle that they are renting. Not all scooters are equal in market value and it is naive to assume every rental vehicle is worth $300.

Tigit Motorbikes disclaims the estimated market value of the scooters within our contracts.

Travellers often fail to understand how parking and security operate in Vietnam. Tigit provides a briefing on how to take care of the scooter and avoid it getting stolen!

Thailand has developed a bad reputation for ripping off travelers with crash damage and theft scams. This reputation has unfairly passed to Vietnam and South-East Asia in general. We believe the market remains to be relatively fair and safe, and most arguments are caused by travelers not understanding the rental companies position. We do not believe in horror story scams operating within the backpacker streets. However, it is easier and safer to simply use a company with a solid online reputation.

If you are in Vietnam and need to rent a scooter then check out the Tigit city scooter rental fleet!

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