Did you survive the Corona Virus?

Vietnam is doing very well in the Corona Virus. The government quickly reacted and Vietnam has remained at basically zero cases.

Tigit was nearly a 100% tourist based company, so needless to say that Corona Virus was a bit of a shock to the business.

  • We transitioned quickly into the Vietnamese market and increased our efforts at building an offroad community in Saigon.
  • Our biggest success was to build Chrunix.com which is now the largest motorcycle accessory store in the country. Pre-Corona Virus this was a growing problem for Tigit, as clients were arriving to the country and finding that the safety gear in Vietnam wasn’t good enough. The problem is now resolved!
  • We have increased our range of guided tours and found the time to build routes and train inhouse tour guides.
  • We have sold off huge quantities of small motorbikes, which will be replaced by large capacity motorbikes when the cash flows in again!

We still have over 200 motorbikes collecting dust in the basement and cash flow remains an issue. We are very excited for the day that tourists come back to Vietnam!

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