FAQ About Tigit

  • Genuine and authentic rental motorbikes between Ho Chi Minh, Danang, Dalat and Hanoi
  • Easy and quick pickup and drop off from our offices
  • Unique packet prices that get cheaper over time
  • Clear and transparent paperwork and pricing
  • Refunds on early returns
  • Accurate bookings where a motorbike will be waiting for you in advance
  • Free breakdown coverage across all our motorbikes
  • Small skillful team, advanced online technologies, lots of motorbikes with quick turn over.
  • Modern, new, ambitious and pioneering the Vietnamese motorbike rental industry.
  • Wide coverage with contacts countrywide to deal with almost any situation. There is nothing we have not seen or fixed when it comes to travelers on motorbikes!

  • Tigit has an accessory shop in our HCM location. Items from this store can be requested in advance and will be sent to other locations.
  • Accessories and safety gear is a high priority job at Tigit which we are trying to sort out. It doesn't exist in Vietnam yet! We wish to be the first.
  • We are limited and rubbish at it, but probably still the best countrywide.
  • Bring gear from home!
  • Most backpackers will be seen buying Chinese motorbikes which are cheap and unstable toys. Tigit uses genuine motorbikes.
  • Huge motorbike fleet with a small skillful team. Breakdowns are just as inconvenient to us as they are to you when it comes to support time!
  • A select few models in bulk that we believe to be the best motorbikes for the job of traveling Vietnam!
  • All motorbikes are purchased new and sold within 50,000km
  • Clear and transparent paperwork for travelers to maintain the motorbike up to our standards
  • Tigit is for real motorbikers, not backpackers. We want real drivers who look after and understand our fleet just like we do
  • Tigit Motorbikes has offices in Ho Chi Minh, Dalat, HueDanang and Hanoi.
  • Pickup and return free of charge at any of these locations.
  • Travelers can return in nearly any city in Vietnam using bus and train services. This must be requested in advance and usually has an additional fee of $20-40 depending on location.
  • The return process is quick and easy.
  • Credit card pre-authorization holds allowing for very quick returns
  • Yes, we operate off the concept of pre-bookings, quick turnover and small garage space.
  • We never miss bookings.
  • Our motorbikes are known to be the best quality rentals in Vietnam, and we often sell out.

  • Second hand helmets are free to borrow. If lost they are $10.
  • New helmets range between $20-120 dollars and we buyback for $5.
  • DOT, ECE certified LS2 helmets can be rented for $2 a day or $20 for a month. (request in advance, ongoing new project).
  • Helmets in Vietnam are rubbish. Bring your own from home.
  • On each “model” we have contracts/explanations related to the motorbike or service on offer.
  • These are edited frequently to be as transparent as possible. Every line has been "considered carefully", so please read.
  • To avoid angry customers and pointless fights our contracts are ridiculously easy to back out of.
  • Our staff don't have time to fight, we just refund.
  • Our motorbikes are always good enough. Sometimes the driver is not good enough!
  • With serious complaints not handled properly by Tigit staff, please go straight to "the boss" at [email protected]

For an in depth article please read our breakdown guarantee.

  • Tigit covers all expenses towards breakdowns, excluding flat tires and oil change.
  • Our motorbikes rarely breakdown.
  • We can handle any breakdown, but require the customers patience and understanding.
  • The blue card is the ownership papers of a motorbike.
  • Travelers usually like to hold the bluecard, although an artificial importance of this document has been created within the backpacker market when it comes to travelling.
  • Most clients of Tigit no longer take the blue card.
  • Travelers heading across borders to Laos and Cambodia will need a Blue Card. If the blue card is needed Tigit will charge the deposit and not use a pre-authorization hold.

For more information please read our page about blue cards.

  • Tigit Motorbikes now has an optional damage waiver, which can be bought to cover all damages to the motorbike in the event of a crash.
  • Crashes are subjective – we try and judge this on what we feel a future customer can potentially complain about.
  • If a customer does not trust our report then we are happy to use 3rd party Honda / Yamaha / Suzuki receipts.
  • Customers crash all the time. This is routine for us and we are good at dealing with the situation.
  • Motorbikes can always be fixed and it is cheap in Vietnam to do so. We have no negative reviews in regards to crash quotations!
  • Tigit does not charge for "loss of use" which is the concept that a rental company can no longer use the vehicle whilst parts are being ordered.
  • We charge for parts, and nothing more!
  • Travellers can cross borders with a motorbike rented from Tigit.
  • We also have a buy and buyback where travelers can buy an older rental motorbike with the objective of selling it.
  • To travel across borders the motorbike needs the blue card. Customers need to request this in advance as the bluecard may be in a different office to the motorbike. If the blue card is provided Tigit will charge the deposit and not use a pre-authorization hold.

For a full description read crossing borders with a motorbike.

  • For a full description please visit our page about secure parking lots.
  • In Vietnam the motorbike always goes inside the hotel or in a parking lot.
  • Don't use cheap hostels in major cities.
  • There are security guards and parking lots everywhere!
  • Unfortunately… if the motorbike is stolen then there is nothing that can be done.
  • The police are useless and there is no point spending the holiday attempting to do paperwork.
  • There is no excuse for getting a motorbike stolen here. Just be careful and sensible about where it is parked!
  • If the motorbike is stolen, the customer owes the value of the motorbike which is stated on each contract. The value depends on the number of KM at the starting point of the rental.
  • Don't rent a motorbike that you can not afford.


People often ask if they need to buy a lock.
If you need to lock the motorbike then the bike is in the wrong place!

However…. it is not a bad idea to buy a lock, and these can be purchased for $4 in a nearby shop.

Honda Blade Semi 110cc  Automatic is our cheapest and most popular motorbike. There is nothing this motorbike can not do.

Honda Winner 150cc is our most reliable manual motorbike.

Honda XR 150 is our most comfortable "affordable" motorbike and probably the best "all around vehicle" when taking into account performance and budget.

Honda CB 500cc is our "big motorbike" for two people and luggage.

  • No, Tigit Motorbikes does not have USB chargers installed on our motorbikes.
  • Adding USB chargers voids the manufacturer warranty.
  • USB chargers adds an additional layer of diagnostics if the motorbike has a problem as mechanics will automatically blame the 3rd party installation.
  • Customers may add USB chargers if they wish, but we will have no part in the installation and take no responsibility for the electrics.
  • We recommend buying a external USB power pack which can be bought in any phone store for around $15.

Read for a full article on luggage and racks on our motorbikes.

  • We recommend around 15 KG of luggage. However it depends on the model of the motorbike.
  • People with lots of luggage can send a bag between Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang and collect the bag when dropping the motorbike off. The cost to send a bag is $15.
  • All of the Tigit motorbike rental fleet can carry two people and luggage across Vietnam. There are no roads that these motorbikes can not handle.
  • The limitation is in rack space and strength, not the power of the vehicle.
  • We have no major restrictions, but travelers must be responsible for overloading the luggage and breaking racks.

A common complaint is the Honda Blade 110cc with two people and luggage. We won't stop you, the bike can handle the load. However the rack is likely to break and need welding on the journey. This is your responsibility.

Welding is easy on route, and we do not consider this a "breakdown". Racks are not a priority check for our mechanics and we expect customers to investigate rack condition upon pickup.

  • To send a bag on the train between HCM, Danang and Hanoi is $15, this is a service offered by Tigit.
  • It is charged by the bag, so pack up one bag to its full potential!
  • The motorbike will perform better, strapping the bag to the motorbike becomes easier and gas money is saved!
  • Please note: This service is for Tigit customers only.
  • Watch how to put a bag on a motorbike.
  • Tigit Motorbikes started as a Honda Win dealer.
  • We stopped renting / selling them because they didn’t work, and the business model is not expandable.
  • The quantity of breakdowns and after service required to avoid review blackmail threats was stressful and impossible to manage.
  • They are toy motorbikes that wobble around and drive like toys.
  • They are incredibly dangerous. The review blackmail threats in the old days of Tigit were probably justified!
  • Detech Honda Wins are not much better, and every few years the small Vietnamese dealers find a “new brand” to promote to backpackers.
  • If they worked, we would sell / rent them. They don't.... so we don't.
  • Read our "about us" page to see who we are.
  • Tigit Motorbikes has approximately 400 rental motorbikes on the road at any given time.
  • Online presence on Trip Advisor, Google Reviews, FacebookInstagram and various blogging related websites across the internet including affiliation with the famous VietnamCoracle.
  • Tigit has a photo and video section.
  • Digging deep into the local facebook community groups, forums or even reddit will reveal that there is hardly a bad word on the internet about Tigit Motorbikes.
  • Accessible management.. serious complaints not handled properly by Tigit staff, please go straight to "the boss" at [email protected]

Ho Chi Minh – B2-00/01 Sarimi, 72 Nguyen Co Thach, An Lou Dong Ward, District 2
Detailed description of the Ho Chi Minh office.

Hanoi – 25 ngách 5/34A Trần Phú, Điện Biên, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Điện Biên, Hanoi, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Detailed description of the Hanoi office.

Danang – Danang Lot B2.6-10 Nai Nam street, Cẩm Lệ, Đà Nẵng 777777
Detailed description of the Danang office.

Detailed description of the Dalat office.
Address provided on inquiry.

Detailed description of the Hue office.
Address provided on inquiry.

FAQ About Vietnam

  • The gear you bring depends on the type of rider that you are. Tigit has a full article about what to bring and wear.
  • Vietnam is cold, hot, sunny and rainy regardless of the month. You should be expecting and preparing for all seasons.
  • We recommend bringing as much of your own motorbike gear from home as possible.

Experienced riders

  • The gear in Vietnam is not appropriate for "back home" speeds. Tigit is working on resolving this, but it is still work in progress.
  • Bring proper helmets.
  • Bring rain suits and not rain ponchos (flap in the wind).
  • Don't bring too much stuff.


  • The gear in Vietnam is cheap, but it is not good. Be wary of this when driving and keep your speeds to the local style.
  • Rain ponchos are great at low speeds.
  • Do not rent a +150cc motorbike and use Vietnamese gear.
  • Backpackers always overpack. This is an adventure holiday. Be dirty, or use hotel washing services on route. Carrying a house load of luggage on sub 150cc motorbikes is not a great idea.
  • We recommend 15kg or less on our racks.


The article below explains from Tigit Jon's opinion as to the 40 best and worst motorbikes in Vietnam.
An impossible topic to keep up to date with. New models are always released. However it provides an overview to the motorbike market of Vietnam.

Read the The 40 Best (and worst) Motorbikes in Vietnam.

  • Please read our page about insurance for detail.
  • With a license and international drivers permit it is possible to drive legally in Vietnam.
  • When driving legally, it is possible to get insurance from companies back home. It is worth calling, and double checking all the requirements and small print.
  • It is not possible to insure yourself with a Vietnamese company. Obtain from home.


  • Please read our page about licenses.
  • Since Jan 2015 international licenses are now supposed to be valid in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country where no one knows anything about any rules so please do not take this as factual information.

Unless you are an expat, you shouldn't be buying a motorbike.

However here are some basic steps to buying a motorbike and what to look for.

Another topic where Tigit continues to bash the Chinese motorbike market. However, in this post we do some math to try and explain the costs of renting vs buying.

Read the full article here at Chinese VS Real Honda.

A mostly old and outdated topic bashing the sales of Chinese motorbikes among backpackers. The market has matured since this article was written and most backpackers are aware of the risks. But if you are still a clueless backpacker contemplating a Chinese motorbike, then have a read buying vs renting a motorbike.

  • August to September is the best time to travel the North. The weather is mostly stable and the yellow paddy fields bloom.
  • Keep in mind this is also stormy season in Vietnam and random cyclones can smash through the area at any point.
  • Storms come and go quickly, they usually pass over within two days.
  • March and May is also good for allround mostly stable conditions.
  • June to August is rainy season.
  • December to February are cold, so cold that the snow can fall. Plan for a skiing holiday and you should be ok! A big mistake travelers make when motorbiking Vietnam is to assume everywhere is hot. With Tigit Motorbikes it is possible to send luggage on the train, so plan ahead and have the correct gear sitting in our office waiting for cold weather conditions.


Travellers spend far too much time worrying about the weather and attempting to predict it. Just get on with it and drive, there is nothing that will stop a holiday.
For a full detailed description on weather please read the weather in Vietnam.

For more information please visit our section about how to navigate Vietnam.

Please do not rent from us if you are not adventure travelers. This is an adventure holiday and there is no "perfect season"!

From Tigit Jon's perspective -

Vietnam is famous for beaches, but it will eventually become famous for its mountains. Vietnam is a mountain country at heart, and that is what us bikers are here to see.

  • Phong Nha, its caves and turquoise rivers are stunning. Paradise Cave, Dark Cave.
  • Ha Giang for amazing mountain roads, or "The North West" for amazing off-road mountain roads.
  • Ban Gioc Waterfall in the North East.
  • Dalat and all its waterfalls.
  • Nha Trang and its mega beach parties (sailing club).

From Tigit Jon’s perspective –

Vietnam may be known for its coastline. But unfortunately, extreme trash problems and over development from a tourist standpoint has ruined a lot of the coastline. In my opinion, come to Vietnam for the mountains, not the coast! There are fewer tourists in the inland areas and the locals are warmer and un-spoiled too.

  • Chronic Trash problems throughout the country at naturally stunning locations.
  • Restaurants are unable to deliver what you order. It will always be a lottery. I recommend carrying paper and pen and writing for the waiter. They will still get it wrong somehow 🙂
  • Mattresses in cheap hotels are usually uncomfortably hard.
  • After a long and hard day of driving, to be welcomed by the hotel with no greeting other than. "PASSPORT".

From Tigit Jon’s perspective –

There are so many great places in Vietnam. It is a place to come back over and over again. In reality, as a young family man, I am stuck in the house. I have not even touched the surface of this great country!

If I had to choose one spot:

DALAT would be it.

Dalat does appear to be a love/hate city. I fall firmly on the love side, and here is why.

  • I can escape the roasting heat of Saigon for a few days.
  • A city with all the restaurants in the world, but it takes 5 minutes to escape into the beautiful countryside.
  • Stunning scenery all around, from the French architecture to the farmland and hills.
  • Canyoning tours, coffee tours, hiking tours, gardens, greenery, flowers. Dalat has lots to do!
  • The waterfalls are amazing. From touristy, to run down and broken, to stampedes of flowing water.
  • The people are quiet in relation to the rest of Vietnam.
  • I don't often share this with new arrivals to Vietnam but Dalat has some of the best off-road motorbiking in the world!

From Tigit Jon's perspective -

I am going to have to throw in one location and one activity. These are controversial choices! Keep in mind, I have lived here for 9+ years and I am definitely a "cynical Expat".

Mui Ne:

  • Mui Ne beach is mostly eroded away unless paying a premium for resorts with private beaches. Even so, I don't consider this perfect coastline.
  • It is a small location that focuses on kite surfing, the other tours there are mostly gimmicky.

The Hai Van Pass:

  • Short (only 3 hours of actual driving)
  • The views are great, but nothing compared to other beautiful vistas Vietnam offers.
  • The alternate route is one of the best in the country, yet everyone is on the Hai Van Pass.
  • Full of cheap throw away and dangerous scooters run by backstreet cowboy rental companies.
  • Full of backpackers that can't drive and shouldn't be on the road.
  • The notoriety of this route minimizes what Vietnam actually offers to an adventure seeker.
  • The Hai Van Pass is not the pinnacle of Vietnam and so the acclaimed fame of this road is not beneficial to the industry.

From Tigit Jon's perspective -

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Both are amazing for their own reasons. Choosing one, I would have to go with Ho Chi Minh to Danang.

  • Ho Chi Minh to Danang has consistent weather, also hot weather. I love the heat!
  • We get to see both the mountains and the coast. The variation of driving style and scenery is inspiring.
  • The South (if knowing where to look), really provides that "stuck in Nam's Jungle", feeling. Tropical forests, heat, mud and off-roading!
  • I enjoy meandering roads which also throw in open straights. I find the "more extreme mountains", to have a little bit too much turn left, then turn right, then turn left again.
  • $3-$7 will get you a dorm bed and a "free breakfast", consisting of a piece of bread, egg and coffee.
  • $8-15 will get you "a bed" in a hotel with a hard mattress. An old TV, 1/4 working WIFI. Most of the time a hot shower, and sometimes a "free breakfast".
  • $25-50 will get a bed usually with a soft mattress and a hot shower. Nearly working Wifi.
  • $50-80 will get a bed with a soft mattress. Usually some service, Wifi and a limited choice breakfast buffet.
  • $80-100 will get you a bed with a soft mattress. Service, swimming pool, and a large breakfast buffet.
  • $100+ will get you a very nice resort with swimming pools, gyms, spa's and everything else that comes with a nice resort!

Hotel prices depend on the location and the above list is very generalized. Usually, it is worth attempting to go into the $25-50 category if wanting to travel in respectable conditions. Most remote areas do not have $25-50 rooms. Remote areas have the $8-15 category, so get a good hotel when and where you can!

From Tigit Jon’s perspective –

Most of Vietnam's coast has a party of some sort going on. The party cities appear to change year to year as well which makes deciding hard.

If I had to choose one party it would be Nha Trang!

  • Sailing club is one of the few true "on the beach" dance clubs.
  • Nha Trang has a party for everyone. From Dive bars, to cocktail bars, to beach bars, to Vietnamese clubs. The atmosphere all round is lively.
  • Nha Trang's party spirit doesn't just stay on the land. Parties continue out onto boat tours.
  • The sea in and around Nha Trang is mostly blue, trash free and the entire vibe of the place is all in the name of the party spirit.
  • Traveling is often a once in a lifetime experience. Don't travel on a motorbike with no money. Spend your money and enjoy your money. Traveling cheap is a waste and motorbiking is not cheap!
  • Be safe, plan your safety gear according to this adventure activity.
  • Don't bring anything you don't need. Travel light.
  • Have spare days for when something goes wrong. This is an adventure activity in an unknown land.
  • Don't book anything in advance. Plan as you go. However do check for Vietnam public holidays, and book in advance if your plans go over a Vietnamese holiday.
  • It is about the journey and not the destination. Traveling by motorbike is an amazing journey!
  • Consider the locals salary if you are trying to negotiate. We recommend just paying with a smile, Vietnamese are mostly honest!
  • Read our full article on Parking and security in Vietnam.
  • Motorbikes always go inside a hotel or with a parking guy.
  • Parking guys are everywhere, from beaches to coffee shops.
  • It is not common to "park up" on the side of the road and go hiking into the jungle. Remember all your luggage is on the bike.
  • If you need to lock the motorbike, then the motorbike is not in a safe place.
  • Vietnamese can get through locks easily. Use parking guys.
  • There are hotels and guest houses everywhere in Vietnam.
  • Each tourist destination is within 1 days driving of each other.
  • There are also Vietnamese guest houses (Nha Nghi) and hotels everywhere, this includes countryside locations.
  • Use Agoda, Booking, Hostel World, Air B n B, research homestays.
  • There is something for everyone at all budget levels.
  • Gas is so cheap it is not even worth talking about.
  • A Honda Blade is 50,000vnd (2.5usd) to fill. This will last around 150km or 4-6 hours driving.
  • Most of our models need an oil change every 1000km which is around $5. This is usually once or twice on a journey.
  • Saigon to Hanoi perhaps $50 on gas and $10 on oil.
  • In cities it is chaotic but people drive unbelievably slowly. Even in a crash you will probably be OK!
  • The countryside remains slow, but has less people.
  • To avoid crashes drive at the locals pace, they drive slowly (but badly).
  • Tigit Motorbikes HCM and Danang are away from the chaos of the city center and have convenient test drive and practice areas.
  • For more information on crashes please read our Damage Waiver.
  • Mostly small countryside roads that allow for cars to go in both directions.
  • A lot of single track pavement style roads the width of one car.
  • Roads are improving, but pot holes can be expected throughout Vietnam.
  • Plenty of backroads and single track with Googlemaps.
  • Overall - the roads in Vietnam are "good". There is no need for off-roading "knobbly tires" We equip our motorbikes mostly with road tires.
  • Driving the Highway (boring) Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, around 4 days driving 10 hours a day.
  • Driving mountain / coastal roads (fun), is 10 days of around 8 hours a day of driving.
  • The fastest client of Tigit is 7 days. Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh.
  • HCM/Hanoi to Danang (half way) is between 7-10 days. (5 days in a rush)
  • HCM/Hanoi to Danang is around 1000km doing mountain/coastal roads.
  • HCM to Hanoi is around 2000km doing mountain /coastal roads.
  • The North above Hanoi is around 1 week - 3 weeks driving.
  • "Ha Giang" (famous area of North), is 1 week to do. The North East - 1 week. The North West - 1 week. Combined 3 weeks.
  • A minimum of 3 days is needed to experience some of "The North".
  • A minimum of 3 days is needed to experience some of "The South".
  • Danang has 1 days rentals "Hai Van Pass".
  • Hue has 1 day rentals
  • Dalat has 1 day rentals (waterfalls)
  • The Mekong Delta takes 1 day to get to the "floating markets". Two days to get to "Phu Quoc".
  • In our opinion YES!
  • Every tourist destination is within 1 days drive of eachother.
  • Vietnamese are helpful and friendly. Willing to help a foreigner in distress.
  • Public transport and trucks are amazing. Clients can be rescued from nearly anywhere (eventually). Tigit has a wide reach!
  • Food and hotels are everywhere.
  • Vietnamese are everywhere. Think you are alone? Chances are a bushmen is watching you!
  • Motorbikes are low powered, road speeds are slow.
  • Gas stations are everywhere.
  • Mechanic shops are everywhere.
  • Everything is cheap. Money can buy you out of nearly any situation.
  • Vietnam has mild weather (ignore the news). Storms are quickly dealt with. Temperatures are never extreme.
  • Rainy season is manageable, again ignore the news. There is no "right" or "wrong" time to travel Vietnam.
  • English is nearly everywhere (speak slowly and calmly). People do understand.

FAQ about Payment and deposit

  • Cash deposits are fine, equaling the amount of the stated credit card deposit on contracts.
  • Tigit may return cash in a difference currency or with different notes.
  • We prefer credit card deposits.
  • It is a good idea to notify us before returning the motorbike so we can prepare the cash.
  • Early returns are fine.
  • For refunds on an early return we need 5 days of notice.


Case study 1:
I booked from 1st June to 10th June for a 10 day rental. Today I return my bike on the 3rd of June, can I have a refund?

1-3rd is three days at $30 rent.
+ 5 days notice to 8th June.

Total refund is 2 days.

Case study 2:
I booked 1st June to 10th June for a 10 day rental. I am writing today (2nd June), to inform that I will return on the 7th June. Can I have a refund for the 3 days I didn't use?
A refund of 3 days will be issued due to 5 days notice.

  • For a detailed description please visit our deposits and refunds page.
  • Tigit uses a pre-authorisation hold for deposits. The money is not charged, simply held and later automatically released.
  • It naturally and automatically times out during the customers travels. Due to never being charged, there are no conversion charges or fees.
  • The rental transaction has a fee of 2.9%. We currently support USD, EURO and GBP.  Travelers outside these currencies have options of bank transfers and cash payments to keep conversion fees low.
  • Tigit also accepts BitCoin.
  • Every travel motorbike has a deposit and a rental value that is clear and transparent on the model pages.

All Tigit Motorbike deposits are pre-authorization holds. Apart from rare occasions of pre-paid credit cards and cross border traveling where we charge and refund money.

What is a pre-authorization hold?

A pre-authorization hold is a temporary hold on a credit / debit card. Typically a hold lasts for 7 days and is automatically released.

Pre-authorization holds are the same method luxury hotels or overseas car rentals use to take deposits. It provides a basic credit background check on the client without capturing or charging any money.

Why use a hold and not charge?

Reason 1: When charging and refunding cards there can be variations and fluctuations in currency conversions. This can cause the client to lose money over an extended period of time.
A pre-authorization hold never physically takes money from your account. As a result, there are no currency conversion issues.

Reason 2: Charging and refunding money means the storage of client deposits. Some companies may enjoy the interest on stored money, or even invest the money into other projects.
Most reputable establishments however, do not like to store money that is not theirs. We are no different, and so opt to hold instead of charge.

When will Tigit refund the money?

The money never leaves your account. Some banks / card companies may temporarily show a charge, but this will likely disappear after a week.
Because the money never leaves your account, there is no notification of a refund.
Check your statements at a later date and it will be seen Tigit never charged or refunded a deposit.

Mobile apps are often incorrect!

Mobile apps often display holds as charges and this may never correctly update. When checking bank statements, use desktop PC or PDF statements. These are more accurate than mobile banking apps.

When to contact Tigit?

If you have checked your online banking with a desktop PC, and you continue to see a charge/deposit from Tigit. Then please feel free to contact us and provide a screenshot of the transaction.

Vietnam Routes

  • There is no right or wrong choice.
  • Our main summary can be found on the routes and maps article.
  • People come back here every year and treat driving Vietnam as if it was their "annual ski holiday".
  • Tigit attempts to document slightly less known routes. The Tigit blog section for routes.
  • For commercial routes, then visit the website VietnamCoracle.
  • The South has coast and mountains/ more variations. The mountains are great, but not "spectacular".
  • Danang to Hanoi has the Ho Chi Minh road which is amazing.
  • The North above Hanoi is all twist and turn mountain roads. Beautiful, but quite tiring on the driving front.

The Hai Van pass is a road between Danang and Hue, and has been made famous by the Top Gear Vietnam Special.
Today it is full of travelers enjoying the pass. A short one day journey has become a quick and easy way to tick the box of motorbiking Vietnam.
Please read here for a our full article on the Hai Van Pass.

Small bikes (Honda Blade semi-automatic)
$500 deposit on card
$40 rent within 2 days
$10 a day after the first 2 days days.

Manual Motorbikes (Honda XR, Honda Winner)
$1000 deposit on card
$60  rent within 2 days.
$20 a day after the first 2 days.

  • To navigate Vietnam we recommend googlemaps or maps.me.
  • Road maps / Traditional maps don't really exist here.
  • Read our page how to navigate Vietnam for a detailed guide.
  • Routes and maps section for more information.
  • HCM to Hanoi then normally 20-25 days are needed. Although it can be done within 11 days of very hard driving.
  • A minimum of 3 days is needed to really see the countryside.
  • Travelling half way, HCM <--> Danang or Hanoi <--> Danang is usually completed within 10 days of driving.
  • Danang, Dalat and Hue are easier than HCM or Hanoi to "escape".
  • Travellers on short holidays of around 2 days, would benefit from a fully guided motorbike tour.

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  1. Tony says:

    Is the license required for 250cc motorbikes due to police problems? I have an IDP with motorcycle endorsement, but I have a USA license and it’s under the 1949 treaty (not legal in Vietnam) is that enough for you and will it be a problem with police? I know 250cc bikes draw a lot more attention.

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      The police here don’t really understand the treaty differences, so it is fine. From an insurance perspective, check with your insurance company.

      It is not really due to police problems, it is more in relation to us trying to scale the fleet of big bikes “by the book in regards to real and licensed riders”. Setup for when the rules are truly enforced. 
      However, any IDP with a license is a big help when things go wrong.

      What are your travel dates?

      An email has been sent with more information.

  2. Crystal says:

    Is a licence required for all motorbikes/scooter rental?

  3. Tim Jones says:

    Hi, A friend recommend us to hire bikes from you. Myself & 2 mates are looking to hire bikes for roughly 8 days from the 30th of July to the 7th of August. We are planning on riding into the mountains & do the Saigon loop. Our mate Blake said that we should contact you as we are going to be there in peak season.

  4. Troy bell says:

    The above info was very well put together very clear easy to read .
    I have emailed before waiting on reply about cost of bike lots of questions have been answered after reading all the above .

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      Thanks for the feedback. We respond to emails within 24 hours, so you should have one.