This page is to deposit $100 in advance and have a bike waiting or to pay for a motorbike whilst in our office.

Money paid through stripe can be fully refunded (returning all fees) and switched with cash at any time. The full refund will return the exact money that the customer originally paid. No fees and no conversions.

Stripe example payment:
$500 deposit, $250 rent
Example for a Honda Blade:
$100 in advance to deposit for the motorbike.
$400 when arriving at Tigit Motorbikes.
$250 which is the motorbike rent.

The customer is responsible for a 2.9% transaction fee of the $250 rental. When returning the motorbike Tigit will issue a full refund on the initial $100 deposit and $400 that was paid in our office.

Type the USD value into the boxes and the website will convert to the chosen GBP or EURO currency.

Stripe Payment