Danang Motorbike Loops

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Danang Motorbike Loops

It is very quick to leave the city of Danang and find yourself deep in the Vietnamese countryside. Within a short range of Danang are some of the greatest mountain roads that Vietnam has to offer. Combine this with a return journey of the famous Hai Van pass, and Danang is lending itself to some of the best driving in the world.
Once a route is decided, head over to our travel page to choose a motorbike.
For a full breakdown of everything to see and do in Danang read best places to Visit in Danang.

Danang Motorbike Loop information

  • Driving back down the coast is quick and easy
  • The Ha Van pass is short and touristy
  • The Laos Border road is the beginning of the amazing Ho Chi Minh road.
  • Danang is both easy and quick to exit and return.

The 1 day Blue route

A quick one day drive to see the beginning of the Ho Chi Minh road. This route sends us across Vietnamese farmland towards Laos. Once on the Laos border amazing mountain roads await. A truly awesome one day loop.

The 2 day green route

Along the Laos border are some spectacular tunnels blasted through the mountains. On a normal road these may seem normal, but this is way out in the middle of nowhere and you are guaranteed to be alone. The tunnels have no lighting and they are fairly long, this is one creepy and scary drive, often way up in the clouds. Visibility isn’t great!
Day one should finish in the town of Prao, limited accommodation out in the countryside but it is there!

Day two sees us back towards the coast on the QL49. We then head off, up and over the famous Hai Van pass. A must do tick box for anyone motorbiking Vietnam.

The 3 to 4 day orange route

Continuing up the Ho Chi Minh road, we land in the old combat base of Khe Sanh. This is where one of the biggest battles in Vietnam war occurred. Today, we can see the combat base with old helicopters and tanks dotted around. This is a quick 1 hour walk around the museum.

This route is defined to 3 or 4 days depending on if we commit to a huge drive straight from Danang to Khe Sanh. Or vice versa, we could commit to a huge last day from Khe Sanh all the day down back to Danang. Both are possible, but does require a big day of driving.

Other quick activities in Danang

For a full article of activities in Danang, check out our article on things to do in Danang.

  • Visit marble mountain which are multiple caves and temples named after natural elements. Beautiful views from the mountain top overlooking the blue ocean. There is also abseiling activities depending on weather conditions.


  • Visit Son Tra Peninsula which is a magnificent little loop within Danang city. Beautiful winding roads bring you to panoramic views of the Hai Van Mountain, Cham Island, Danang city and Son Tra Peninsula. 


  • Visit Ba Na hills for the day. A huge cable car, a bridge held up by a hand and infinite mountain restaurants await.

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