Danang Motorbike Loops – Daily Activities Guide

Danang Motorbike Loops – Daily Activities Guide
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Danang city is a top spot on the Vietnam travelers’ circuit. Here you’re treated to fire-breathing dragons, cave exploration that’s been around since before man, top beaches, and close access to the infamous Hai Van Pass. These adventures are just the tip, and motorbike travelers can reap the rewards of exploring some of the best mountain ranges just a short drive away on the Danang motorbike loops.

Touring around by motorbike is some of the cheapest entertainment available, you can rent a motorbike from $10/day and discover these nearby routes all on your own or with some friends.

Danang Motorbike Loop Options

The Scenic City Escape – Blue Route – 200kms / 1 Day  

On the first day of exploration on your motorbike rental, you can quickly escape the busy city life of Danang and head west into the stunning Annamite mountain range. This area is home to the beginning of the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail and makes for an easy day trip to explore around Danang and arrive back at your hostel by the end of the day.

This route leaves Danang heading southwest onto the QL14B highway eventually crossing the Song Han River onto the QL14 road as it works its way through the mountains towards Laos. At the intersection, with Prao you can either spend the night and continue on to day two, and the green route of the motorbike loops, or venture back east towards Danang on the QL14G road. All in, the complete loop is a full day of riding tallying up nearly 200kms of scenic adventure. This leisurely ride is a prime example of why anyone can travel Vietnam by motorbike and get to experience adventures they’d only dreamed of. 

Things To See Along The Way

  • Waterfalls. 35kms from your Danang departure are the Thac Suoi Mo waterfalls. A nice break to soak your feet and take some photos. 
  • Bridge Break. A picturesque bridge over the river, good for a water break in this natural scenery.
  • Coffee/Lunch. Where the AH17 turns into the QL14G at the tiny town of Prow, there are plenty of lunch and coffee options. Check out Annaly Coffee or Gio Chieu Quan Restaurant 
  • Hot Springs & Dinosaurs. About 25kms from the Danang finish line awaits a giant waterpark and the Jura Dinosaur Park. Come for the excitement and the extinction! 

The Hai Van Pass – Green Loop – 245kms / 2 Days

This section of road takes you along the border with Laos where you’re virtually guaranteed to be riding the roads alone. Along the way, you’ll get the chance to ride through some spectacular tunnels that were drilled right through the mountains. These tunnels are void of any light, and feel quite long when riding through them. The lack of people combined with total darkness while riding the tunnels gives you an apocalyptic, end-of-the-world feeling. Creepy!

Riding from Danang, you won’t be able to complete the Hai Van Pass, green loop, in one day. For the maximum adventure, you should couple this with the above blue route option stopping in Prao for the night and continuing on the next day.

Take off from Prao and ride up towards the town of Hong Quang where you’ll turn east on the QL49 road. From here, turn south on the QL1A road just before Hue, and make your way through the Hai Van Pass and down to Danang. 

Things To See Along The Way

  • R’Cung Waterfalls. No entrance fee, no tourists, and no amusement parks. The R’Cung Waterfalls are naturally beautiful and have remained relatively untouched.
  • Tunnel Ham Chui Aroang. The first tunnel you’ll encounter along the way. Short & sweet.
  • Ham A Roang Tunnel. The next tunnel along the way. This one is pretty long.
  • Natural pool and waterfalls Suoi Par Le. A small natural pool that locals come to relax in nature. Don’t be surprised if you’re alone here. 
  • Hue’s Historical Tombs. Hue is full of history and a few days here are needed to see the sites. On this loop, you can briefly stop by Royal Tomb Khai Dinh King. It’s stunning. 
  • Hai Van Pass. A highlight for many who travel Vietnam by motorcycle from Danang, the Hai Van Pass is everything you’ve heard and more. Plan a couple of hours to see everything. 

War & Coffee – Orange Loop – 250kms / 3-4 Days

This section of adventure continues up near the Laos border on the famous Ho Chi Minh road and leads into Khe Sanh. The main attraction here is going to be the Khe Sanh combat base. Once an area that saw heavy combat during the Vietnam war, today it’s a museum with a helicopter, plane, tank, and military equipment from the war. The region is also rich in coffee resources, and some of the best coffee in Vietnam grows in the hills around Khe Sanh.

This section of the adventure is the scenic route ridden from Hong Quang to Khe Sanh on the QL14/Ho Chi Minh Road. Then from Khe Sanh, take the QL9 to Dong Ha, then venture back south again on the QL1A towards Hue. If riding from Danang you’ll need to ride one big day to Khe Sanh or Khe Sanh – Danang to make up time and avoid the extra overnight stops.

Things To See Along The Way

  • Da Krong Hot Springs. If you haven’t had a bath in a while there are two hot springs overlooking the river here. One is hot, and one is very hot. 10,000vnd, clean & natural.
  • Khe Sanh Combat Base. You won’t make it far in Vietnam without some reminder of a war or two. Here you can take a tour & fight your own war against trinket salespeople.
  • Khe Sanh Coffee. Plenty of coffee options exist in the area, search out your own special gem or go to Khe Sanh Coffee for a premium brew. 
  • Quang Tri Citadel. An 81-day bloody battle between once divided North and South Vietnam took place here and is now marked with a stunning citadel. Worth a stop.

Hai Van Pass Image

Vietnam Motorcycling Trips From Danang – Additional One Day Adventures

Danangs’ mix of historical relics and new world attractions make it extremely inviting. In one day you can visit century-old pagodas, get to know some of the Fench colonial history, discover the excitement of the nearby amusement park, or relax on the tranquil beaches next to calm ocean waters. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Danang is known as the tourist capital of Vietnam’s central coast.

Marble Mountians Da Nang. Cave Exploration.

Marble Mountains

Just 10-kilometers from central Danang are the dramatic Marble Mountains, Each one of the mountains was named for the five elements; Thuy Son (water), Moc Son (wood), Hoa Son (fire), Kim Son (metal) and Tho Son (earth). Plan a half-day here hiking around to take pictures and discovering the pagodas inside. 50,000vnd will get you a knowledgeable guide to explain the significance of the caves.


My Son Temples

My Son Temples UNESCO World Heritage Site

Roughly a 50-kilometer drive lands you at the abandoned ruins of My Son. Originally built by the Champa Kingdom between the 4th and 14th century to worship the god Shiva, the temples were eventually abandoned and hidden in the jungle. Centuries later they became home to the Viet Cong during the war and bombed by the Americans. Today you can visit them on a tour. Go for sunrise to beat the heat or after 2pm to miss the crowds.

Red-Shanked Douc Monkey. On The Way To The “Monkey Passage”

Son Tra Peninsula

A 10-kilometer drive will take you out towards the Son Tra Peninsula. The ride out here includes a steep climb that requires a powerful motorbike, you’ll want to pick something over 100cc for your Danang motorbike rental. On the road, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Hai Van Mountain, the city of Danang, the Son Tra Peninsula, and Cham Island. Our guide to Danang by motorbike outlines how to find Lady Buddha, have a chance to see the Red-shanked Douc Monkey and see the giant Banyan tree along the way. A lot of excitement packed into a short ride from the city.

Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills

A theme with you’re typical over-the-top Vietnamese touches is just 30-kilometers from Danang. Ba Na Hills includes a Guinness Book of records cable car ride, Love Gardens, fairy tail like hand bridge, and endless activities to enjoy. Pack your pockets with Dong and a backpack of warm clothes. The cable car is about 700,000vnd and prices at the top are what you’d expect at a theme park. Also, temperatures drop as you get closer to the clouds. It’s a fun way to spend a day (with crowds).

Da Nang Museum Of Cham Sculpture

Filled with historic statues hand-carved from ancient times, the museum was opened in 1902 and has become so popular they expanded it twice. It now includes wider square footage and a second-floor gallery.

 Located in the Hai Chau District in Da Nang, you can easily ride your motorbike here from anywhere in the city. Hire a guide and expect to spend about an hour here, learning the significant meaning behind each statue. You could also view it on your own, but all historical significance will likely be lost on you and it will start to feel like a room full of rocks. Check out the giant map of Vietnam outside, it’ll give you a sense of just how diverse the country really is.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang
Dragon Bridge Da Nang

Dragon Bridge

Have you ever seen a fire breathing dragon? If not, Danang lets there’s out twice a week! The Dragon Bridge is built over the Danang River and comes to life every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm. It spits water, breathes fire, and comes alive for crowds of photo-happy onlookers before returning to duty on the bridge for the rest of the week. Ride your bike down to a nearby pub like the Bamboo 2 Bar for second-floor seating of the spectacle. 

My Khe Beach

Located where Danang meets the ocean, this 20-kilometer stretch of sandy beach is free to the public and during the day isn’t overly crowded. There are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and bars close by. For anyone into surfing, starting in September, the waves offer up good surf right close to the city. 

Linh Ung pagoda Da Nang
Image – Vilandtravel – Linh Ung pagoda Da Nang

Ban Co Peak

Set on the Son Tra Peninsula, this is the lookout point on the drive up Monkey Mountain. The views from the top are a stunning way to see what looks like a shrinking Danang City in the distance. You’ll get the opportunity to see plenty of cheeky monkeys and stop at the Linh Ung Pagoda on the way. The Pagoda is made up of a 67 meter tall Goddess of Mercy statue on a lotus-shaped platform. Scooter riders be warned, you probably won’t make it up these steep hills without getting off to push. Choose something bigger for your Danang motorbike rental.

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