Suzuki Raider 150cc

Monthly Rent Price
150 USD per month

Deposit: $1000 on card

Sale Price

Warranty 6 months

Tigit provides a 6 month warranty where any maintenance is paid for by Tigit. Customers can return the motorbike for any reason within the first 6 months for the purchase value less a normal monthly rental.

The Raider is a miniature race motorbike and full of character. It makes a lot of noise, handles like a beauty and has amazing brakes for such a small machine. To fully utilise this motorbike requires skill which is why it is so much fun to drive.

The Raider comes with a rev counter that can be set to low, medium and high.
High is designed for racing and the rider can start to appreciate just how difficult it is to drive a motorbike properly!

The tiny size, amazing control, handling and breaking power means that an experienced driver can smash this motorbike through traffic.
Never get struck in jams and squeeze through the tiniest of gaps.

The Raider is the closest rental you will find to a 2-stroke motorbike – which is a rare motorbike type in Vietnam. The Raider is built off famous Suzuki 2-stroke models.

If you want to display and let the world know that you are motorbike lover, then there is no better machine for the job.

6 Gears
Engine Size
150 CC
Seat Height
764 mm
106 KG
Horse Power
18.2 HP
Tank Size
4.2 Liters