Suzuki Hayate

Monthly Rent Price
1.2 mil Vnd per month

Deposit: $150 on card or passport with Vietnam Visa

Sale Price
$550 all models

Warranty 3 months

Tigit provides a 3 month warranty where any maintenance is paid for by Tigit. Customers can return the motorbike for any reason within the first 3 months for the purchase value less a normal monthly rental of 1.2 million a month.

The Suzuki Hayate is the cheapest automatic scooter in Vietnam that actually works!

125cc of pure Suzuki power makes the Hayate one of the fastest scooters on the streets.

Low grade Yamaha Nouvo 1/2/3 can’t compete with the performance, consistency and reliability of the Suzuki Hayate. They are on a completely different level to low grade cheap scooters.

The Hayate rides and handles like a dream whilst delivering an engine sound that no other scooter can match.

Only known downside of the Suzuki Hayate is the poor gas consumption, but for the money to reliability ratio of the Hayate… bad gas consumption is a very small price to pay.

0 gears
Engine Size
125 cc
Top Speed
90 kph
Cruise Speed
60 kph
Tank Size