Honda Wave

The Honda Wave is probably the most common motorbike in Vietnam.

Unlike the Honda Blade which Tigit buys new,  the Honda Wave we source second hand. Filtering through the rubbish on the streets and attempting to select the best of the bunch ready for sale.

Getting the right Honda Wave can be the best value for money purchase in Vietnam. Incredibly low depreciation, amazing reliability and cheap fixing costs makes the Wave the cheapest motorbike to own long term. We are confident enough in our ability to detect the good from the bad and provide a 3 month warranty with any Honda Wave purchase.

The Honda Wave is for someone wanting an extremely reliable motorbike that will not depreciate through the years. Over time, this is without question the cheapest motorbike to own.

Honda Wave
  • Transmission semi-auto
  • Gears 4 gears
  • Engine Size 110 cc
  • Warranty 3 months

Monthly Rent price

1 million dong

3 million dong or passport as deposit


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