Nam Cat Tien 2 days loop with Tigit Honda XR150

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Nam Cat Tien 2 days loop with Tigit Honda XR150

Tigit’s occasional offroading event. This time we took 5 Honda XR150 and the plan was to go around Cat Tien National Forest to find some mud. We headed out around 5pm on the first day, and made it home back to the Tigit Motorbike HCM office by the next day. Mud was found. This route is best done as a fully guided motorcycle tour.

Day 1: Head out from Saigon to Green Bamboo Lodge

It rained all the way from Saigon to Cat Tien. We made it there in 3 hours of straight driving through the night.

The Honda XR150 has a lovely high and upward driving position combined with a big seat and long, soft suspension, making it the most comfortable motorbike Tigit has to offer. That’s what saved our asses after 3 hours of straight driving from Saigon.

Green Bamboo Lodge Resort is a nice place situated in the small village of Nam Cat Tien. For normal tourists, the entrance to Cat Tien is just 100 metres from the Green Bamboo. They offer  riverside bungalows, garden view bungalows, and dormitory rooms.

Day 2: Green Bamboo Lodge to around Cat Tien National Forest

Here’s the Tigit Team

Navigating on the road.

The bigger frame of the Honda XR150 gives you a head taller than everyone else, providing an unobstructed view of your surrounding area. People also tend to give bigger bikes more space. That’d give us an advantage in crowded streets, easier to keep track of our team members.

Eventually we ditched the tarmac roads and ended up deep in the forest with those dirt trails. A bit of mud on the way to break the ice…but that was nothing compared to what came next.

Taking a break under the trees

Deep in the forest, we met the real professional and hardcore muddy offroader. These guys travel to anywhere in the forest with these little bikes and little tires. Their trick is to wrap a chain around the tire to provide more grip.

The Honda XR150 was designed off the XR250, with a smaller frame and engine, thus making it a more forgiving motorbike for inexperienced drivers or people with a smaller build.

The beginning of the offroad section

The Honda XR150 is designed as a farmer’s motorbike, with a relatively strong engine, big frame, wheels, and suspension. It is basically a tractor bike, that can be used both on-road and off-road, which is ideal for adventurous drivers in Vietnam.

The Honda XR150 can handle anything you throw at it.

Jon’s video

Footage from Link’s helmet-mounted Gopro

Renzo 14 minutes long video

Book a Honda XR150!

Cat Tien Offroad 2 Days Guided Tour on Honda XR150!

(You need proper rain gear, proper shoes and waterproof bag for this trip.)

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Written and created by Link.

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