Breakdown Guarantee

Breakdown Guarantee
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Breakdown Guarantee for long distance travel!

Tigit will not sell or rent any motorbike that we think won’t survive a journey without a breakdown. To see our list of models please go to our travel page.

Tigit Motorbikes has a guarantee to refund any maintenance costs that occurred throughout the journey. (this excludes oil changes and flat tires).

For more details please read the contracts on the relevant motorbike model pages. Each model has a contract that covers and explains our guarantees.

To have the motorbike covered from crashes, please read the Tigit Motorbikes Damage Waiver.

To use this Guarantee

  1. Customer must change the oil every 1000km and provide evidence of a receipt or photo of the motorbike having an oil change.
  2. Customer must use genuine Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki stores and phone us before any maintenance work is done. We must understand the situation and be given the opportunity to speak with the mechanic before any work is done.

What we do not cover

  1. Crashes – this is the customer’s responsibility
  2. Flat tires/replacing tires – We are experienced in judging the age of a tire and we do replace old tires that we feel are not fit for another journey. If a customer points out that a tire is not suitable we will gladly replace it before the motorbike begins a journey.
  3. We do not cover customers listening to random Vietnamese people claiming everything on the motorbike is broken. This is a common scam and customers must be smart enough to ignore it.


  1. Crashes are subjective – we try and judge this on what we feel a future customer can potentially complain about. We try and take a relaxed approach to crashes – and if a customer does not trust our report then we are happy to use 3rd party Honda / Yamaha / Suzuki receipts.
  2. Tigit will deduct the damage report from the deposit. Unlike traditional car rentals, we do not charge for the time the motorbike is not operational.
  3. Prices – On most models, each piece of bodywork is worth around $10. No customer driving a locally supported motorbike has experienced a crash greater than $250 of damage. Motorbikes are always fixable in Vietnam.
  4. Tigit purposely chooses motorbike models with plastic exteriors to keep replacement costs to a minimum. Customers are often happily surprised when receiving a damage quote from the manufacturer. Do not fear!

Genuine service centres

All through the contracts is this word “genuine” which is an important part of understanding how motorbikes are maintained in Vietnam.

An incredible phenomenon in South-East Asia is the availability, speed and quality from the genuine service centres. These places are everywhere and are set up to fix motorbikes on a mass scale of a  select few officially supported models. The result is an incredibly quick service at very low prices!

At Tigit we love the locally supported motorbikes! From our fleet, the Honda Blade, Honda Winner and Yamaha Exciter are all supported in Vietnam.
A crash or breakdown can be fixed in minutes!

There are two kinds of mechanic shops in Vietnam.

  1. Genuine service centres provided by the motorbike Manufacturer (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki). These services centres stock genuine parts and have trained mechanics in house that are ready to fix the motorbike. Controlled by a large corporation – these places tend to have set prices and are very good at getting the motorbike back on the road again!
    Note, that a genuine service centre will not fix Chinese motorbikes (Honda Win, or most backpacker motorbikes).
  2. Backstreet mechanic shops tend to specialise in certain areas of maintenance. In general they are useless for foreigners and tend to have a two tier price system where they are happy to charge a foreigner double or triple prices.
    The quality and skill varies massively from shop to shop, and they do not usually stock genuine parts. For a traveller on holiday, backstreet mechanic shops should be avoided where possible. Only use them when something goes wrong in a remote location and there is no other choice!


How to find a Genuine store?

To find a genuine Honda service centre – Type “Honda Head + location” into googlemaps.
Honda is the most widely available service centre in Vietnam. The mechanics and service are superb and at Tigit we trust in what Honda says.
If a Honda mechanic says there is a problem, Tigit will gladly agree to any work and refund the costs at the end!

To find a genuine Yamaha service centre – Type “Yamaha Town + location” into googlemaps.
Yamaha are also very commonly found in Vietnam. They tend to be more random on price and service, they can struggle with diagnosing problems with a motorbike. Where Yamaha excel is stocking parts for crashed motorbikes, so if you are worried about crash and scratch bills then Yamaha motorbikes are the ones to get.

To find a genuine Suzuki service centre – Type “Suzuki + Location” into googlemaps.
Unfortunately Suzuki are small in Vietnam, and from what we know they only have 1 service centre in each city, Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi. Whilst you will see Suzuki signs around, they tend to not be genuine stores. Suzuki after service is the worst of the main brands, and is the reason Tigit only has one Suzuki model…. The Suzuki Raider.

Broken down in the countryside and can’t find a genuine store.

Breaking down on one of our motorbikes is an unlikely event! Usually with properly maintained motorbikes the customer can feel when something is beginning to go wrong, and go to a genuine service centre for a checkup.

However if the motorbike does breakdown in a random location, then there is no option but to use a backstreet mechanic. Backstreet mechanics are everywhere in Vietnam, and locals are very happy to be waved down to help a traveller in distress!
Once in a mechanic shop, phone up Tigit Motorbikes on our support line and we will translate to the mechanic the problem and also get an upfront quote. It is important to ask for the price upfront when dealing with backstreet mechanics.
If Tigit gives the go-ahead to proceed with the work then Tigit will refund any expenses at the end of the journey.

Once the motorbike is working again, Tigit will suggest that the customer proceeds to go to a genuine service centre at the earliest convenience for an official checkup.

In these less than great situations, our primary goal is to get the customer back on the road again as quickly as possible. In the process we must make sure that the motorbike is not tampered with or that parts are not stolen and replaced with Chinese replicas. To do this, Tigit requires a conversation with the mechanic where we can establish authority and hopefully some level of trust.

The chances of breaking down are  small!

A historic mess of backpackers buying cheap Chinese motorbikes or old and outdated scooters has given the motorbikes of Vietnam a bad reputation!

When it comes to reliability, motorbikes are no different from cars. Buying a $300 car back home is asking for problems and breakdowns.
Motorbikes in Vietnam do work, and locals are not driving around on $300 scrapped vehicles that the backpackers are purchasing. Backpackers are simply providing a convenient bottom line market for the locals to sell to. There is no need to scrap/throw a vehicle if a backpacker is willing to buy it!

When a customer asks if a 2015 genuine motorbike is going to breakdown, this is a similar equivalence to asking if a 2015 car is going to break down. Whilst it is possible that something can go wrong, the probability is small.

Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha engines do not randomly break or go wrong. External wear and tear parts such as the chain and sprocket, electrics or water in the wrong areas  are the common culprits for minor issues and breakdowns. The genuine service centres are ready and equipped to deal with these situations within minutes.

Tigit Motorbikes has become good at estimating the life of common wear and tear parts and we regularly replace and test drive before sales.

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