Yamaha Exciter 150cc

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Rent The most common manual motorbike in Vietnam!
The Yamaha Exciter motorcycle is the most common manual motorbike in Vietnam.
Yamaha Exciters have a racing background but through the years the frame and size of the motorbike has been getting larger.The modern 150cc Yamaha Exciter is large enough to make most drivers relatively comfortable on a long drive.

The transformation!
The racing background and modern conveniences of becoming the most common manual motorbike in Vietnam clearly shine through when driving the Exciter. Gently drive around the city and fit in with all the other locals….. it is just another everyday Exciter on the road. A very nice motorbike indeed, but nothing unusual to be seen.

Hit the countryside roads and open the Exciter up and a thundering engine is unleashed with a noise that will send a shiver down the drivers spine. It transforms from a quiet city scooter into a monstrous growling motorbike in split-seconds.

The happy all rounder!
The Winner is for the gadget geek wanting a high quality and stable vehicle. The raider is for the boy racer wanting more bling than a Rolex watch.

The Exciter falls smack in the middle. Providing a sensible choice of practicality and character all in one motorbike.

Yamaha Exciter 150cc's photos

Transmission Manual
Gears 5 Gears
Engine Size 150 cc
Seat Height 780 mm
Weight 116 KG
Horse Power 15.1 HP
Tank Size 3.7 Litres

Yamaha Exciter 150cc's photos

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Yamaha Exciter 150cc

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41 Replies to “Yamaha Exciter 150cc”

  1. Hey I would like to book a Yamaha Exciter from the 23 August to 10 September, I would like to do the deposit today is this possible?

  2. Dears, I would like to book fully automatic motorcycle from 29Jun- 13Jul2019. Do you have any available? Thank you, Tomas

    1. Hi ,

      What is your pick up/ drop off location?
      Sorry that we don’t have automatic bike for travel long distance.

      Alternative is the semi-auto Blade 110cc

      $500 pre-auth deposit on card
      $150 within 10 days
      $10 a day after the first 10 days

      An email has been sent over to you with more information

  3. Hi…Im thinking about renting a yamaha exciter for 1month+—-Just a few questions….can I pick up in Da Nang approx June 25 -26? and do they come with a rack for a day pac on both sides…….(we are a couple so 2 helmets.. Its our second time touring VN,but first on a standard manual….(semi auto last time) time for a change…….Thanx Steve…..

  4. I am sure you have been asked this before: what can you tell me about getting a license to ride a bike
    and insurance with the rented bike?
    I am 71 years old, if that matters; have and International DL, and an AMerican license, state of Utah.
    Been in Vietnam for a week and everything is too confusing. Online comments are inconsistent.
    Riding a Honda 110 c.c. that I rent from the hotel I am staying at. In Quy Nhon.
    They tell me no one cares about insurance.
    An Aussie who also rents bikes tells me foreigners CANNOT get insurance on a bike, and
    the International DL is not recognized.
    If I go to Saigon to Tigit what would it take for me to rent one of your Honda 125’s, or 150’s –
    with DL, and coverage?
    How long would it take to get all this handled?

  5. Looking for any of your 150CC manual bikes for 26th Oct 2018 for 1 month. Pick up in HCM and drop off in Hanoi. I would also consider the Enfield (I have moto license),


  6. Hello

    I would love to book the exciter for a trip that is going from hanoi to HCM city 3 dec to 31 jan

    If i rent it the deposit is 1000Dollar right?

    Thank you

    1. The Exciter is
      $1000 deposit on card
      $350 rent for 1 month

      An email has been sent with more information.

  7. Iam from malaysia. Can who buying for me stripe exciter 150 100pieces. And you shipping to malaysia to my address. I pay you with online banking. Just whatsapp me at 0173899136

  8. Hola.
    Me interesa alquilar 2 motos, para mi mujer y para mi, desde el 1 al 15/08/2018.
    me podeis decir precios y modelos disponibles?
    El casco lo he de llevar yo o teneos vosotros?
    Y para atar el equipaje?


  9. Hello,
    I would like an automatic scooter to start in Hanoi on the 1st of December and finish in Ho Chi Minh on the 20th of December.
    Do you have any available?
    What are the rates please?


    1. The bike you should be looking at is the Honda Blade Semi Automatic.

      I have sent an email with more information.

  10. Hey I’m looking to rent 2 exciters from the 10th December to the 22nd December.
    Starting from Da Nang and ending in Hanoi.

    1. It is possible to do Winners, but not exciters.

      The Winner is
      $1500 deposit
      $250 rent within 35 days.
      $20 a day after the first 10 days.

      An email has been sent with more information.

  11. hi tigit motorbikes,

    I am looking for a motorbike for a trip from hanoi to saigon from 15 dec 2017 to 12 jan 2018 can you sent me some more details for everthing


    1. What would be your starting and finishing city?

      I have sent an email with more information.

  12. Hello,

    Looking for a motorcycle Winner/exciter doesn’t really matter, for a trip from HCMC to Hanoi, starting on Dec 2nd to the 18th of dec!

    Thank you

    1. The Winner/Exciter is
      $1500 deposit
      $300 rent within 15 days
      $350 rent within 35 days.

      An email has been sent with more information.

  13. Hi, am looking at a 2 month bike trip starting HCMC and finishing in Hanoi with my Vietnamese partner. Your web site states you can hire with handing over passport,, as most accomodation wish to see or hold your passport while traveling how does this work? Also what bike would you recommend with a pillion passenger ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Each bike has a monetary deposit. In this case $2500 and buyback $2150.
      It is possible to travel with a copy of a passport though.

      For two people on one motorbike, then the Honda XR is the most comfortable. Followed by the Honda Winner.

  14. Hi we are looking for a motorcycle to buy or rent for traveling along Vietnam.. Could you please send me the best options for two people motorcycle and prices.. Many thanks

    1. For two people the XR is the most comfortable. However it does have some downfalls based around how difficult they are to fix.
      For a balance of a holiday not going wrong + 2 people then the Honda Winner is the next best choice.

  15. Hello
    I’m looking to buy a motorbike on a buy back basis. Planing to travel all around Vietnam in around 2 months total . Can you send me an email with recommendations and prices ? Many thanks

    1. An email was sent, but basically look down the left hand side to get a quote for each model. Watch the videos, get the price then let me know which motorbike is of interest.

  16. Hi, I’m looking for a bike on the buy back basis for traveling from HCMC to Hoi An for 10 days. I’m currently in HCMC & would like the bike to travel from 03/03/2017. What do you recommend?
    Thanks, Alx

    1. The Honda Blade is the best for short term rental. We have run out of manuals for now.
      Sent an email with more information.

  17. Hi, I’m looking for a bike on the buy back basis for traveling from HCMC to either Hanoi/Cambodia for around 30-35 days. I’m currently in HCMC & would like the bike to travel around the city to explore…What do you recommend?

  18. Hello. I am looking to rent a 115-125cc bike from hanoi or defang to HCMC starting on the 20th or 21st of January. Any help.

    Thanks so much


  19. Hi I am flying in and out of DA NANG Jan.13-Feb2 (3 weeks).
    I would like a nice reliable bike for my vacation visit to tour around daily and see the sights of the area.

    What can you offer us for long term rental or buy/buyback contract?

    1. Exciter is certainly reliable. Prices are on this page.
      Sent an email with more information though.

  20. Hi, im looking at a bike on a buy-back basis. I am looking at travelling from ho chi minh, into cambodia and back within 28 days. Do you permit this with your bikes?