Suzuki Raider 150cc

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The Racing Go-kart of Vietnam!
The Suzuki Raider 150cc comes from a racing pedigree of small circuit race motorbikes.
A small frame with 6 gears and a top speed of about 110km/hour makes this motorbike the funnest ride that money can buy. Spend days on end twisting and turning through the mountain roads on a motorbike that can be compared to a high performance go-kart.

Pimp my Ride!
Suzuki (in general) has a cult following of racing enthusiasts in Vietnam but the Raider 150cc has become a popular motorbike among young guys who need a bit of flare to show off to their girlfriends! Pimp my ride is the name of the game and there is no end to the customization’s, bodywork styling and upgraded performance kits for these exciting race bikes.

The unfortunate truths
Very small frame which means anyone considering this motorbike must be ready for a fairly uncomfortable ride.
Larger people would be better off with the Yamaha Exciter, Honda XR or Honda Winner!

For some….comfort is a sacrifice worth taking for bling, character and unimaginable enjoyment that can be found throwing the Suzuki Raider aggressively into the twists and turns found all through the small mountain roads.

Suzuki Raider 150cc's photos

Transmission Manual
Gears 6 Gears
Engine Size 150 cc
Seat Height 764 mm
Weight 106 KG
Horse Power 18.2 HP
Tank Size 4.2 Litres

Suzuki Raider 150cc's photos

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Suzuki Raider 150cc

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15 Replies to “Suzuki Raider 150cc”

  1. we need to rent 2 of these bikes from 27 April to 3 May 2019 in Hanoi. Please advise if they are in stock for these days. thanks

    1. Hi Tam,

      Sorry we’re currently run out of Raiders in Hanoi.

      2 Winners are possible.

      $1000 pre-auth deposit on credit card per bike

      $20 a day pick-up & drop-off in Hanoi

      => counting 7 days = $140 per bike.

      An email has sent to you with more information.

  2. Hello I see the bike is currently on the road do you have an idea when it will be back? I’ve grown up riding two stroke dirt bikes and believe this would be amazing for a road through out the country! Thanks

    1. The Raider is due to arrive in Hanoi on the 29th Jan

      It then takes around 5 days to send back to HCM.

      We currently have the Yamaha Exciter available.

      An email has been sent with more information.

  3. Hey Guys,
    I NEED this bike for April 2-3rd, days! do you have any in stock? Would also need a pick up/drop off point just north of the city if possible.

    1. Contacted by email. The Raider is now all style’d in black. It is unbelievably sexy. Want to cry every time is goes out on rent.

  4. How can i rent this suzuki raider?And how much the rent?for only one month.Can you call at my number…Is this in ho chi minh city?

    1. Within the city the Raider is 3 mil a month.
      Other requirements such as living here, a house and a job.
      For travelling it is $300 within 35 days and the deposit is declared on the contract.

      Unfortunately at the time of your request the motorbike is on the road.
      We no longer do sales over the phone due to customers misinterpreting the calls and advice given

  5. I am interested in driving a raider because its the closest ill probably get to a bandit 600. The route i am thinking of taking would be from Hanoi to HCM or vice versa, over my holiday in January February time? Will this be workable? Also, how much does it cost to live day to day on the road in Nam?

    1. The closest to a “proper” motorbike would be the XR 150cc.

      The Winner or Exciter are also good for experienced riders.
      The Raider is basically a miniature race motorbike, I don’t think it can be compared to a bandit 600.

      Due to the unique nature of the motorbike I prefer people to test drive it in the garage to make a decision. It is not really appropriate for blind pre-bookings. For pre-bookings the Exciter or Winner is a safer “all rounder” vehicle that the majority of people are going to enjoy and be happy with.

      If you have watched the videos and your heart is set on the Raider then let me know and I can save it for you!

      Vietnam is as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Dorm rooms can be $5, and beef noodles $2

  6. Hi. Is it possible rent a chopper style motorbike anywhere in the city, I can’t seem to find anyone but I’ve seen pictures on the internet of them in Vietnam. Thanks for your time. Kris

    1. The problem that you are facing is that all chopper style motorbikes are imported to Vietnam. This means that they are A) expensive and B) do not have any support by the official dealerships.

      Maintaining them is difficult and usually done with Chinese parts which means the eventual depreciation into a useless motorbike is fairly quick.

      Due to the issue of high purchase and maintenance cost, no company can profitably rent a chopper style motorbike.

      You need 2,000usd or more to purchase a half decent one.
      Sorry for the bad news!

    1. Wish I could tell you it was a bug.
      But we only have one of these amazing motorbikes for rent, because backpackers (who would enjoy a booming pimp’d out bike like this) seem to keep buying Honda Wins.

      We have one Raider and hope demand increases so that we can get more!