Honda XR 150 Offroad

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Converted Honda XR 150 to offroad

Tigit Todd, weapon of choice is the XR 150

The Honda XR 150 is Tigit’s most popular motorbike for traveling Vietnam. It is a very versatile dual-sport motorbike weighing around 130kg, but it feels much lighter than that. The main downfall to the XR 150 is a weird wheel size of 17inch and 19inch making it hard to get offroad tires that fit.

Tigit converts these XR’s to 18inch and 21inch, just like any normal dirt bike. We put bigger rear sprockets on for more torque and of course, the usual crash gear aimed at allowing these motorbikes to get crashed repeatedly without damage.

RFX Handlebars, UFO bark busters, Doubletake mirrors are just a few of the minor mods we make to get these motorbikes crash-proof.

The locals love the XR 150 for offroad

Tigit Todd on one of the hardest trails in Vietnam

Interestingly enough the locals offroad enthusiasts tend to prefer the XR 150 to the CRF 150 despite it being carburetor. The XR 150 has a short wheelbase making it excellent for popping wheelies. The handling is sharp and responsive.

The XR 150 for an unknown reason has a little bit more power than than its rival CRF 150 as well. We don’t know why!

Honda XR 150 Offroad's photos

Gears5 Gears
Engine Size150 cc
Seat Height825mm
Weight120 KG
Horse Power12 HP
Tank Size12 Litres

Honda XR 150 Offroad's photos

Tigit "Smart" technology to predict future stock.

Honda XR 150 Offroad

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  1. Hey guys, do you have a Himalayan available to rent from 23 November 2019 – 24 November 2019 Pick up and drop off at Hanoi please? Thanks

  2. Hi!
    My girlfriend and I are looking forward to be in Vietnam / Hanoi from the 26th of december 2019 to the 1st of january 2020. we are arriving in Hanoi and we are also departing from Hanoi. We would like to travel around the region of Hanoi from the 26th to the 31st of december with a Royal Enfield Himalayan or another motorbike.
    We need 2 helmets and at least 1 suitcase on the motorbike.
    Can you make us an offer?