Honda CRF 250cc

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The most popular dual-sport motorbike in the world!

driving Dalat
Head to a Hill top and practice your motorbiking skills

The Honda CRF 250L is a dual-sport designed to be a road and off-road motorbike. The Honda CRF has been around forever, from the Honda Baja to Honda XR to the now known CRF. Honda Nailed the dual-sport concept years ago, and everything since has been an attempt to copy this already incredible design.

The tires that Tigit uses

Offroad tires to dual-sport tires. Let us know when you book the bike

Since the wonderful Corona Virus, Tigit is now kitting the Honda CRF 250’s with fully offroad motocross tires. This is what expats seem to want, so this is what we are doing. Tigit is an offroad company at heart, and there is an ever-building dual-sport community using our fleet of motorbikes. We love to see these motorbikes being returned plastered in mud!

The best compromise of road and offroad

From the road to the beach. No limits

Traveling Vietnam is mostly road, but adventure seekers can find themselves driving on beautiful countryside trails. The Honda CRF 250L is the best motorbike for switching between the road to gravel to mud. The driver should feel comfortable on basically all terrains.

The Honda CRF 250L rack

The pictures in the gallery are with an 82L Enduristan bag. The bags can be mounted horizontally or length ways. The Honda CRF 250L has a small rack on the back that can be extended. The rack is very similar to the Honda XR 150. However, for the pillion, an XR 150 is more comfortable with a broader and softer seat. For the driver, the CRF 250L is better due to the extra power and build quality of the motorcycle. I think the Honda XR 150L is the better choice with two up on one motorbike than the CRF 250L. In the end, it is a battle for couples to settle among themselves. Overall the motorbike does the job with bags and people!

Honda CRF 250cc's photos

Transmission Manual
Gears 5 Gears
Engine Size 250 cc
Seat Height 34.4 inches
Weight 146 KG
Horse Power 24 HP
Tank Size 7.7 Litres

Honda CRF 250cc's photos

Tigit "Smart" technology to predict future stock.

Honda CRF 250cc

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83 Replies to “Honda CRF 250cc”

  1. Hi
    I’m looking for four bikes 150-250cc, travelling 18 Sept to 3 Oct 2020, from Saigon to Hanoi and leaving the bikes in Hanoi. Is this possible?

    Can you please give me an estimate of cost?

  2. Hi Tigit,
    I would like to rent a CRF 250 from 25th Feb 2020 for 6 days, returning to you on the 2nd of March. I am riding from HCMC to Dalat, down to Phan Tiet and back to the city.
    Thanks. ?

  3. Hi, I am considering a 2 week enduro ride between Hanoi and Da Nang on the 250. Dates would be approximately Dec 23 – Jan 5 and either direction is okay. Can you please check availability and send me some more info on this?

  4. Hi there,

    Looking to rent from around 12 October to 26 October from Hanoi to HCM, will the CRF250L be available for then? Do you have any luggage racks that would fit this motorcycle? If not, do you offer a luggage service or know of a service that will ship luggage from Hanoi to HCM?


    1. The CRF 250 has a rack, I would say around 15kg is the maximum.
      Same as the XR 150 rack

      To send a bag on the train from one office to another is $15 via Tigit.

      For bikes over 150cc we require a license + International drivers permit.

      The CRF 250 is 
      $1000 deposit on card
      $750 rent for 1 month

      An email has been sent with more information.

    2. Hello,

      I would like to rent a crf250l from around 2 November to 13 november from Hanoî
      Do you have any crf250l available for this period ans what is the price for the rental


    3. You are starting and finishing in Hanoi?

      For bikes over 150cc we require a license + international drivers permit.

      The CRF 250 is 
      $1000 deposit on card
      $40 a day

      An email has been sent requesting more information.

  5. Hello

    I would like to rent a CRF250 from HCM to Hanoi for 1 month. From 10. January to 10. February 2020
    is the CRF250 available?

    I have the european A2 drivning license and IDP


  6. Hi,
    I’m looking to rent a bike from tomorrow to ride from HMC to HANOI. From 31st July – 18th August.
    I have a full motorbike licence from the UK since 2002.

    I am looking for a bike that is reliable and can carry me and my friend (some of the way, she will get the train in parts), our combined weight is 120kg, and our luggage (2 large rucksacks, one 65lts and on 45lts).

    Is this possible and what bike would you recommend? And what would the cost be?

    If you are unable be able to recommend another bike rental company that would also be appreciated.

    Many thanks


  7. Hi

    I would like to hire a Honda CRF 250cc for the month of March 2020. May be 3 of us but still to confirm. Start from Hanoi and end in Ho Chi Minh.

    1. The CRF 250 is 
      $1000 deposit on card
      $850 rent for 1 month

      For bikes over 150cc, we require a license + international drivers permit.

      An email has been sent with more information.

    1. Sending an email with more information.
      We need to know start / finish city.

  8. Hello . Would it be possible to rent a CFR 250 in Hanoi and drop it off in Danang after a 10 day trip ?

    1. This is possible but depends on availability. What are your travel dates?

      An email has been sent with more information.

  9. Hi, I want to book 4 Honda CRF for pick up in HCM on 22nd February 2020 finishing in Hanoi on 6th March.
    I have read all T&Cs and how to book. If you can confirm availability I will go into your portal and pay the $100 per bike deposit.
    Just need help with the availability.
    Ideally we would have gone for the CB 500 but don’t want to mix the bike types. We all have full UK and International bike licences and own bikes over 1000cc.

  10. Do you have 3 Honda CFR 250 motor bikes for rent from Friday evening July 19th to Monday morning July 22nd picking up and dropping off in DaNang airport?

    1. Hi ,

      Sorry that we don’t have CRF250 in Da Nang. And we do not have a delivery / drop off service.

      Alternative is the XR150

      $1000 pre-auth deposit on card per bike
      $20 a day (Pick up and drop off Da Nang)

      Office hour is : 9:00-17:00, Sunday is off

      An email has been sent over to you with more information.

  11. Hey there,
    We would like to rent two Honda crf 250 cc in ho chi Minh from the 24/05 – 06/06/19, so for 2 weeks. Drop off in ho chi minh, too. We need a blue card for them, as we want to travel to Cambodia as well. Do you have them available for these dates? If not, we would switch to the Honda xr 150cc, but preferable is the 250cc.

    1. Hi Christin,

      Bikes over 150cc can not cross the borders to Cambodia, unfortunately.

      The XR/CRF150cc is possible

      $1000 charged deposit on credit card (with original bluecard)

      $20 a day start & finish in HCM

      => $280 for 14 days

      When you return the bike with bluecard, we’ll refund $1000 deposit.

      An email has been sent over to you with more information.

  12. Hi, what bikes do you currently have available in Danang? Looking for a bigger bike. Most probably will be a 7 days rental and will drop off in Hanoi. Thanks

  13. Hi there

    My name is Lubke. I was looking to rent a bike to do a tour of northen Vientnam with my wife for 1 week starting June 11th, 2019. I was looking at a HONDA XR/CRF 150CC or any scooter that would be comfortable for 2 people. I’ll be landing and returning to Hanoi. Can I get some prices?


    1. Hi ,

      The XR is

      $1000 pre-auth deposit on card
      $20 a day

      An email has been sent over to you with more information.

  14. Hey, I am interested in hiring your CRF 250 from roughly the 11th to the 24th of May. Going from Hanoi to Saigon. Will it be available?

  15. Hey mate just wondering what the chances were of having 5 crf250 from the 19th or 20th of April til the 2nd or 3rd of may in Hanoi would be

    1. Sorry we currently only own 1 Honda CRF 250.
      It is fully booked until around June.

  16. Hi
    Looking for 2 crf 250 for september 2019
    Interested to maybe hire or purchase .
    Will be starting in Hanoi if we hire maybe to Ho Chi Min if we buy wi take with us

    1. Sorry we do not have any CRF 250 for sale.

      The XR 150 is possible.

      Let me know if this is of interest.

  17. Hello
    I would like to rent a bike from 2nd March 2019 to 29 of March. Pick-up in Hanoi, return in Saigon.
    Please let me know the possibility to have a box on the bike and the detail about insurance etc…
    I am 55 years old (with 40 years motorbike experience) and want to have a comfortable travel bike. Probably the 250 CRF is the best; the KTM or CB500 might be to heavy for your country, no?
    Thank you for answering
    Jean Simon
    +41 79 774 47 73

    1. The CRF is booked through these dates.

      The CB is a nice bike for Vietnam in my opinion.

      An email has been sent with more information.

    1. All our larger capacity bikes are booked over the period.

      The XR 150 is still possible though.

      An email has been sent with more information.

  18. Travelling to Hanoi Jan 7-8 and will continue through Laos and Thailand. Looking for a reliable bike to rent or buy. Can you send me details. Not interested in the Win or Honda in general as I have been reading about constant repairs and breakdowns. Would appreciate your recomendations.

  19. It says a $3000 deposit on the description but the terms and conditions say a $300 deposit??? How much would it be for 10 days in April 2019?? For 2 crf250s?
    And what licence do you need to have to get them?

    1. Sorry this has now been fixed. Typo in revision of the doc.
      We own one CRF, not two unfortunately.

      It is mostly booked until end of April, with small gaps between bookings. What are your exact travel dates?

  20. Hello,

    Any chance to rent a CRF250 / CB500X or something in the middle :

    From Danang on 21 or 22 November
    To NhaTrang/Dalat on 27 or 28 November ?

    THanks !

  21. I want to rent a Honda 250 from nov 14 to nov 19. I’ll be riding from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi. Can you tell me with the price and help me reserve this bike.

    1. Sorry the CRF 250 is booked over November.

      The next largest bike we have is the XR 150.

      Let me know if this is of interest.

  22. Hi Tigit Motorbikes,

    I am interested in hiring 3 x Honda CRF250 from HCM to Hanoi in 9 days or just a 9 day round trip.
    Start: 21st of Oct.
    Would you send me an offer to my E-Mail.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Currently all our CRF motorbikes are booked.

      The next biggest is the Honda XR 150

      An email has been sent with more information.

  23. Hi there,
    I’m interested in hiring 3 x Honda CRF250, travelling from HCM to Hanoi from 11th Oct – 24th Oct.
    Can you please help.
    Many thanks

    1. Unfortunately all the CRF’s are booked over these days.

      The XR 150cc is possible.

      Let me know if this is of interest.

  24. Hi, interested hiking on the honda 250 for a week in the north, from hanoi. (10th of january 2019)
    Can you please inform me on the price and if deposit outside of the city is possible (to avoid hanoi centre trafic) thank you for your answher.

    1. The CRF is
      $3000 deposit on card
      $35 a day

      It is possible to pickup from Ha Giang for an extra $30. (I need to confirm this if it is of interest… not tried before 🙂

      An email has been sent with more information

  25. Hello,
    I would like to rent two CRF 250’s, for the first week of September for 10 days. Ideally to pick-up from Hanoi and drop off in Da Nang.
    Please could you let me know about the availability?


    1. The CRF 250cc

      $3000 deposit on card
      $450 rent for 10 days
      $35 a day after the first 10 days

      An email has been sent with more information.

  26. Hello Tigit team,

    I’m interested in either the CRF 250 or the XR 150 on October the 16th through the October the 19th. How does the availability look on those days?

    Thank you.

    1. The travel dates are too short to take a booking on the CRF due to limited numbers of this bike.

      The XR 150 is
      $1000 deposit on card
      $20 a day

      Counting 4 days, $80 total rent.

      An email has been sent with more information.

    1. Yes
      The CRF is
      $3000 deposit on card
      $35 a day

      An email has been sent with more information.

    1. Currently the CRF is booked.

      For other readers, this bike needs to be booked around 6 months in advance at the going rate. We are trying to get more, but “big bikes” are incredibly expensive here and the return on investment is slow and low priority.

  27. Hi
    We would like to hire 4 x CRF 250s from about 27th,28th of September 2018 for around 21 days
    Starting in Ho Chi Mihn and finishing in Hanoi.
    Please advise.
    Cheers Mick C

    1. Sorry we currently own 1 CRF 250.

      I think by Sept we may own more, but currently can’t promise more than 1.

      We can do 1 CRF
      $3000 deposit on card
      $700 rent within 35 days

      Honda XR 150
      $1000 deposit on card
      $450 rent within 35 days

      An email has been sent with more information.

    1. The CRF is booked on these dates
      The largest bike we have in Hanoi on those dates is the XR 150

      $1000 deposit on card
      $20 a day

  28. Hi,

    My friend and i are interesting in renting 2 CRF 250cc’s in 24th of April till the 30th. Starting in Saigon and finishing in Da Nang.
    If it works better we could start and finish in saigon from 24th till 2md of May.

    1. We currently only own 1 CRF

      The next largest bike is the XR 150.

      Let me know if this is of interest.

    1. For most of April but not all.

      What is your start and finish city and travel dates? Will see if it fits in.

  29. its suspension, ground reach and seat height deliver a fun and comfortable ride on rough tarmac and trails.