Adventure tours in Ho Chi Minh

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Adventure tours in Ho Chi Minh


Every hotel and travel agent in Ho Chi Minh city (and Hanoi) are promoting the same tours! It is actually surprisingly difficult to find “what to do in Ho Chi Minh” outside the normal box of the War museum, Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta tours.

The prices of these tours vary depending on tour guide skill, level of service and quantity of people on the tour. For example an expensive Cu Chi Tunnel tour will afford a boat which arrives earlier than the masses of tourists on busses. A high end tour will usually get an experienced guide who has worked his way up the ladder.

Dive a bit deeper and food tours on the back of a motorbike are possible within Ho Chi Minh city, or culture experiences such as cooking classes.

These mainstream tours are great, but the real adventures are hidden from public view!
Tigit Motorbikes has recently teamed up with Nation 7 tours to introduce adventure motorbike tours to the South regions of Vietnam!



Vietnam is a country where service is not understood and most business models revolve around being the cheapest. It is very difficult to establish a reputation to justify charging a premium.
Travel companies would rather sell tours to the masses than choose a diverse range of packages. This has led adventure tours in Ho Chi Minh to slip under the rug.

Cycling tours are beginning to take off in the Mekong Delta. These revolve around cultural experiences. The Mekong Delta is a fascinating place as the hub of the Vietnamese farmland industry, however it is not particularly beautiful or interesting over distances.

As a result motorbike tours and adventure tours in general have not managed to be take off in the South. The South is all about the “cultural experience”, not the “adventure”.


New roads in the South regions have opened up motorbike adventure tour potential and so far very few people have figured it out!
Around three hours from Ho Chi Minh is the incredible Cat Tien Nation Park, amazing for both an adventure and a cultural experience.  Tarrin has created a route to get out of Ho Chi Minh City, the Cat Tien getaway! Skip across the mountain regions and down to the coast that every tourist comes to Vietnam to see. Then a drive back up to Ho Chi Minh passing some mountain side Pagodas.



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The South of Vietnam has tropical hot conditions that are great for touring all year around. A great mix of cultural farmland, mud and scenic roads that are never far from civilisation.
Rain never hurt anyone, and when it rains in the South it really rains. The skies open in a spectacular way that can be a lot of fun to drive in. There are no bad conditions in the South!

Rather than run away from the rain, dive straight in and hit the Cat Tien Offroader. That is what we do at Tigit Motorbikes, when a rain storm comes through Ho Chi Minh City, we take the opportunity to do a Cat Tien run on the weekend, using the Honda XR fleet. A great team building activity of challenging clay driving!


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If mud is not your thing, then adventure motorbike tours are accessible to drivers of all skill ranges. The roads are connected to the major cities of Ho Chi Minh and Dalat which makes them in great condition.  Unknown to most, the South also has some spectacular mountain ranges between Cat Tien and Dalat which can be experienced through the Saigon Circle Tours.

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The South is unknown but holds huge value for motorbike adventure tours

The North of Vietnam has the South beaten on mountainous landscapes, but the South wins in nearly all other areas. With a South motorbike adventure, it is possible to pass through open sweeping mountainous roads, cutting inland through farm land ready for the desert sandunes and coastal roads that meander unbelievably close to the sea. Huge variety of landscapes whilst being in the tropical sun, or tropical rain.
Where the South motorbike adventure shines through is the meandering open roads. The North has tight, difficult mountain roads, whereas the South has corners that can  be elegantly driven by leaning the motorbike over whilst gliding around the bend.

Few people know roads like this exist in the south!

Saigon motorbike loops can be enjoyed with 2 days up to a week.
Journeys such as, Ho Chi Minh — > Cat Tien — > Dalat — > Nha Trang — > Phan Rang — > Lagi — > HCM.

At Tigit Motorbikes it is possible to book a rental motorbike, but for maximum value or if a time is short, then get a motorbike adventure tour!


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