• Transmission manual
  • Gears 5 gears
  • Engine Size 150 cc
  • Top Speed 130 kph
  • Cruise Speed 70 kph
  • Tank Size 4.7 litres

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With passport. Collect passport when returning motorbike. Passport collected at finishing destination. Deposit returned "less" the rental fee.

35 day Buyback price


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Yamaha Exciter

Most common manual motorbike in Vietnam!

The Yamaha Exciter is the most common manual motorbike in Vietnam.
Yamaha Exciters have a racing background but through the years the frame and size of the motorbike has been getting larger.
The modern 150cc Yamaha Exciter is large enough to make most drivers relatively comfortable on a long drive.

The transformation!

The racing background and modern conveniences of becoming the most common manual motorbike in Vietnam clearly shine through when driving the Exciter. Gently drive around the city and fit in with all the other locals….. it is just another everyday Exciter on the road. A very nice motorbike indeed, but nothing unusual to be seen.

Hit the countryside roads and open the Exciter up and a thundering engine is unleashed with a noise that will send a shiver down the drivers spine. It transforms from a quiet city scooter into a monstrous growling motorbike in split-seconds.

The happy all rounder!

The Winner is for the gadget geek wanting a high quality and stable vehicle. The raider is for the boy racer wanting more bling than a Rolex watch.

The Exciter falls smack in the middle. Providing a sensible choice of practicality and character all in one motorbike.

Videos are filmed with a wide angle go-pro. Footage appears faster and in closer proximity than in real life.
If viewers believe the driving on display is unacceptable, please do contact us as we are considering/reviewing this marketing technique.

7 responses to “Yamaha Exciter”

  1. Albert says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a bike on the buy back basis for traveling from HCMC to either Hanoi/Cambodia for around 30-35 days. I’m currently in HCMC & would like the bike to travel around the city to explore…What do you recommend?

  2. Jay becker says:

    Hello. I am looking to rent a 115-125cc bike from hanoi or defang to HCMC starting on the 20th or 21st of January. Any help.

    Thanks so much


  3. Scott L says:

    Hi I am flying in and out of DA NANG Jan.13-Feb2 (3 weeks).
    I would like a nice reliable bike for my vacation visit to tour around daily and see the sights of the area.

    What can you offer us for long term rental or buy/buyback contract?

  4. Nick says:

    Hi, im looking at a bike on a buy-back basis. I am looking at travelling from ho chi minh, into cambodia and back within 28 days. Do you permit this with your bikes?

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